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Franchise Opportunity from Beginning to End: Learn the Steps to Get Started

Before you can become a franchise owner, you will go through a series of steps to ensure that you are a good fit for Apricot Lane. Because we have carefully crafted our steps with our franchisees across the nation, following these steps will help you build a strong business.

This blog is an introduction to Apricot Lane’s proven steps for our franchisees. For the complete list and description of our steps, visit our website.

Franchise Opportunity Steps

Step One: Introductory Call

For the first step in our process, we will schedule an introductory call with our Franchise Development Ambassador. During this call, you will learn valuable information about your investment, our operations, franchisee resources, and more.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to ask questions about the process, the franchise opportunity, and our brand. Don’t be afraid to show the ambassador your personality! This is our first chance to get to know you, and we want to know what makes you you.

Step Two: Learn from Our Email Series

Now that you have wowed us in your introductory call, it is time to “Believe.” Believe is the name of our informational email series that we send to our franchise candidates. The Believe email series is quite thorough, with information about everything from training to media to managing inventory, so plan to spend some time reading.

The information contained in Believe is invaluable to you before you get started, as it is the first step in getting you ready to own your franchise.

Step Three: Apply

When you have read through the Believe emails, you should know enough about our franchise opportunity to want to apply. Our financial application is linked at the end of each of the Believe emails, so finding and filling it out is easy.

Step Four: Chat with Our Founder

At Apricot Lane, we take a personal interest in each of our franchisees. That is obvious in our support resources, meticulous operations systems, and outstanding teams at every level. Before you even become a franchise owner, our founder and CEO, Ken Petersen, proves just how much your business matters by scheduling a one on one call with you.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity that few other franchises offer. Ask questions, get to know Ken, and learn from his 25 years in franchising.

Step Five: Complete Your DISC Profile

A DISC profile is a valuable tool that we use to learn about each of our franchisees and store managers. The software generates a report that goes to you and to us, so that we can discuss the results together. We have fun learning about our franchisees and how they think the DISC profile represents them.

Step Six: Validation

At this point in the process, you have spent considerable time learning about us, our systems, our support, and our brand. The validation process is when you visit with our existing franchisees to learn how we put our resources to use.

Spoiler alert! Our franchisees will tell you just how much they value our support and proven systems. Be prepared to be blown away.

Step Seven: Visit Your Market

Because we believe in taking a personal interest in each franchisee, we personally visit ever market before we put a franchise there. Finding the right location is essential for you to make our franchise opportunity work, which is why we visit your market. We want to see potential locations with you, so we will set up appointments with leasing reps in your area.

Step Eight: Franchise Award

Fit is important in retail, and we take fit very seriously at Apricot Lane. Once we have learned about you and your market—and determined that you are a good fit for us—we will award you a franchise. At this time, you will pay the open license fee of $5K, and communicate your serious interest with prospective landlords.

Step Nine: Find the Right Site

Choosing a location for your boutique is so important that we complete site-specific studies to make sure you choose the right one. Using what we learned when we were visiting your market, we analyze the site and predict estimated sales.

Step Ten: Join the Team!

This is the most exciting part of the franchise process: joining the team! At this point, you will work with a project coordinator who will develop a countdown chart to help you get started. This countdown chart is like a roadmap to opening your franchise, including every detail that you need to know to open for business.

Want to learn more about the complete process of investing in a franchise opportunity? Download our ebook!

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franchise investment opportunity

Giving Back: More Than Just a Franchise Investment

Making a franchise investment is a highly personal decision that stands to have an enormous positive impact on your life. But your investment can positively impact others’ lives too! It is important to give back when you can, so choose a franchise investment that makes it easy to get involved in your community.

Use Your Franchise Investment to Get Involved

As a business owner, you are already making a positive impact on your community’s economy. But there’s so much more you can do! Getting involved in an important cause sets you apart from other business owners and makes your experience more meaningful.

Choose Your Cause

There are innumerable causes to which you can give, that it might be difficult to choose just one! Find your passion, choose a cause that matches it, and see how your life changes. Whether you want to give to animal welfare, feeding hungry children, disease research, or any cause close to your heart, know that donations of all sizes make a difference.

Contribute to Your Community

When you own a business, your community is watching you. Take it upon yourself to be visible in your community by contributing to a cause that matters. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are making a positive impact, and doing so on a community level is even better. Be more than just a small business owner; be a community leader and give to causes that make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Apricot Lane’s Involvement: 3Strands

At Apricot Lane, giving back is essential to our brand vision. Contributing to charity and giving to great causes is simply part of who we are as a company! As we say on our brand website: we are more than a boutique. We are a boutique with a cause!

As a company, the cause that we have chosen to support is human trafficking. Working with the charity 3Strands, we hope to empower, educate, and employ victims of this heinous crime. By donating 100% of the profits from the sale of 3Strands bracelets, which are sold at many of our locations nationwide, Apricot Lane hopes to end human trafficking and keep women and girls around the world safe.

In addition to our company involvement with 3Strands, we encourage each of our franchisees to find a cause that is dear to them and contribute to it. As a franchise owner, you will have the freedom to select the charity or causes that speak to you and Apricot Lane will support you every step of the way.

Choosing a franchise investment like Apricot Lane makes it easy to give to the causes that matter. We empower our franchisees to improve their lives and the lives of others through their businesses. Visit our website to learn more about our franchise opportunity!

  • April 21, 2017
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fashion franchise opportunity

Dream Big and Follow Your Passion for Fashion

For those of us who love fashion, style, and design, there is no career as fulfilling as retail. The fast-paced, customer-centric atmosphere creates a new experience every day,

You might be wondering how you can dream big for a career in retail. The answer: a fashion franchise opportunity. Owning a fashion franchise has all the perks of working in retail, and then doubles down on benefits by giving you control and stability. Taking advantage of a fashion franchise opportunity is a smart way to maximize your retail skills and take charge of your future.

Franchising Vs. Entrepreneurship

One of the first questions people ask when they first start thinking about franchising is, “What is the difference between investing in a franchise and starting a business?” There are a lot of differences, but the main one is support. Franchisees often say that they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves, because the franchise brand supports them from the very start.

These are just some of the ways that a brand supports its franchise owners:

  • Built-in network—Corporate employees and your fellow franchisees work with you when you need advice or assistance.
  • Training—Learn how to operate your business as well as practical tips for owning a business.
  • Ongoing resources—A good franchise brand doesn’t leave you out to dry. Instead, they give you resources like technology that makes your business run smoothly, pre-designed marketing materials to attract customers, and a company-wide intranet to keep everyone connected.

Why Should You Choose a Fashion Franchise Opportunity?

Transforming from career retailer to franchise owner is not that big of a leap. If you work well in retail, you already have many of the skills that fashion franchises value. Even better, learning the new skills that will help you as a business owner is easy for people who apply themselves and work hard. Being the owner of a clothing franchise gives you the chance to build a strong career out of what you love to do.

Use the Skills You Have

Let us ask a few questions about your career in retail.

  • Do you have sales experience?
  • Do you enjoy giving good customer service?
  • Have you been in a management or team leader position?
  • Do you have an eye for style and design?

Do you enjoy the creative aspects of working in fashion, like merchandising, displaying, and creating outfits?

Are you a hard worker, willing to put in the time and effort to do things right?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, you already have many of the skills to own a fashion franchise. Why? Because training helps you broaden your horizons with new skills relevant to business ownership!

Broaden Your Horizons

Any franchise brand worth investing in trains its franchisees on the skills they need to operate a business well. Broadening your horizons—AKA learning how to run the back office of your store as well as you run the sales floor—is simply a matter of training.

When you invest in a franchise, there is extensive training on everything from the franchisee manual, operations guidelines, products, and software that the company uses. If you have the background knowledge—sales, an eye for style, value of hard work, leadership—you can learn the other pieces easily.

Simply put, the skills you already possess are hard to teach. In contrast, an operations manual and POS system is easy for you to learn. That makes you a valuable addition to any franchise system!

You can have a career in retail working for someone else, or you can invest in a fashion franchise opportunity and work for yourself. Apricot Lane is a unique fashion franchise, specializing in unique products, hand selected inventory, and boutique style. Learn more about us!

  • April 14, 2017
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Retail Trends: Reasons Why Brick and Mortar Is the Way to Go

You’ve probably read a few headlines about the death of retail and how soon we will all purchase everything from evening gowns to groceries on the internet. We are here to tell you that this is simply not true! Retail is as healthy as ever, and brick and mortar locations aren’t in any trouble at all.

#1 Numbers Indicate Sales Aren’t Falling

Headlines keep shouting about retail sales falling month by month, but when you look at the bigger picture, you can see that on a quarterly and yearly basis, sales are increasing. In fact, sales in Q1 2017 are 4.1% higher than they were in Q1 2016.

#2 A Changing Industry Is Not the Same as a Dying Industry

Changes in the industry—namely widespread use of online retailers—have made a lot of people panic, both inside and outside the retail industry. Reports of failing brands have caused stocks to drop, which contributes to the idea that the industry is failing in an endless circle. However, brands that are willing to adapt to the new ways that consumers shop can see a lot of opportunity in the industry. Below are several tips for helping your brick and mortar women’s clothing boutique thrive with the times.

clothing boutique

Tips to Help Your Brick and Mortar Women’s Clothing Boutique

Supplement with Online Sales

It would be silly to ignore the fact that online sales have a big impact on the retail industry. A brick and mortar women’s clothing boutique needs to be available to customers who shop online, or else miss out on customers.

(Apricot Lane franchisees have assistance with their e-commerce sites from our experts, so they can take advantage of online sales and reach a larger customer base.)

Stick with Fast Fashion

In the last decade, retail has changed to a more flexible model with stores getting new styles much more frequently than they used to. There used to be a collection with each season, but fast fashion has changed everything, bringing new styles to stores on a weekly basis. Stores that follow this model have something new each week, giving customers a reason to stop in more frequently.

Sell Carefully Chosen Pieces

Just like retail is evolving, today’s style is different than it was ten years ago. Customers do not want to buy the same clothes that everyone else is wearing and gone are the days of wearing t-shirts with a store’s name and logo prominent on the front. Instead, customers want their clothes to be as unique as they are, which is why women’s clothing boutiques are so popular.

In a recent article for Forbes, retail analyst Paula Rosenblum said, “retailers selling interesting items and curated assortments are doing really, really well.” The imperative words there are “interesting items and curated assortments.” If your retail store sells unique, hand-chosen pieces from a limited collection, customers can see the value of your products.

Apricot Lane Boutique has remained relevant in the retail space by following these tips and creating a space where our franchisees can build the businesses that work in their communities. If you want more information about becoming a franchisee, get in touch with us!

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