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Apricot Lane franchise cost

Is Franchising a Sound Investment? Here are 4 Indications

People who are considering putting forth both time and money to open a franchise often ask, “Is franchising a sound investment?” This is especially true of people with children to raise and families to care for; if you are going to own a franchise, you need to be sure that you can meet your financial obligations both now and in the future. College funds and retirement accounts alike can benefit from an investment in a franchise. As you consider the Apricot Lane franchise cost, keep in mind the many ways that franchising helps you support your family.

The important thing to remember about franchising is what your investment gets you. The franchise fee and royalties give you the tools you need to get started and operate your franchise.

What Does the Apricot Lane Franchise Cost Get You?

1.    Training to Get You Started

Before you can start a new job, training is an essential step. Investing in a franchise is the only way to be a business owner but still receive top quality training from professionals in the industry. During franchise training, you will learn a variety of important things that will help you run your business, including:

  • The brand
  • The industry
  • Store management
  • Marketing
  • Buying and managing inventory
  • Sales and customer service

What you learn in training sets you up to open and run your business confidently. There are few investment opportunities that can give you this kind of preparation.

2.    Systems to Help You Thrive

Part of the reason that franchising is so popular is that it has proven systems in place that help franchisees hit the ground running. When you invest in a franchise, you get to benefit from systems and operations that have been researched and tested by the corporate brand as well as a high number of franchisees before you.

For example, we include in the Apricot Lane franchise cost several systems that we have found to work well with our brand. A bookkeeping system that helps you keep track of expenses and income, a visual merchandising manual to give you guidelines for presenting products, a private intranet that keeps you connected with our network, and many others make owning one of our franchise boutiques go smoothly.

3.    Network to Show You the Ropes

Experts agree that building up your network is one of the best ways to further your career because these connections help you with everything you do. When you become a franchise owner, you are an automatic member of a network made up of your fellow franchise owners, corporate personnel, buyer contacts, and so much more. The franchise network is a built-in support system that you can use to your advantage. Call on your fellow franchisees when you have a question or idea. Enlist the help of the corporate teams when you feel stuck or need inspiration. These connections can be invaluable to you at every step of the way.

4.    Resources to Support You

Simply put, investing in a franchise means you don’t have to go it alone, and nowhere is that clearer than with support resources. Any franchise worth investing in has a wealth of support resources that help franchisees with many parts of owning the business.

Resources for our franchisees are an important part of the Apricot Lane franchise cost. Everything from real estate assistance to marketing resources to website support—and so many more—is covered when you invest in an Apricot Lane franchise.

When you find yourself wondering if franchising is a good investment, simply look at what the investment gets you. If a franchise brand is asking you to pay a few thousand dollars for a franchise fee, but they aren’t going to train you or provide any resources at all, then that is not a good opportunity. However, if a brand like Apricot Lane is offering tools, support, training, and resources to help you get started, then the investment is going to be much more worthwhile.

Request more information about the Apricot Lane franchise opportunity.

  • June 26, 2017
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clothing franchise business opportunity

How Franchising Can Help Further Your Already Successful Career

It is not uncommon for people to start thinking about owning their own business after already working in a successful career. In fact, career experience is beneficial as you transition into franchise ownership, especially if you are looking at a clothing franchise business opportunity. The combination of your skills and what the brand has to offer makes franchising an outstanding business opportunity.

Use Your Experience for Your New Clothing Franchise Business Opportunity

In your career, you have no doubt learned valuable skills. Experience in things like management, sales, and fashion merchandising are valuable to a franchise, because they are difficult to teach in training. You can learn the technicalities of using software or managing finances, but there is no way to make up for experience.

Benefit from the Franchise’s Experience

The biggest perk of taking advantage of a clothing franchise business opportunity is that you compound your experience with the franchisor’s experience. As we’ve already mentioned, you have a lot of experience that is relevant for owning a franchise, but there is still a lot to learn. The franchisor has experience with training and preparing franchisees for business ownership, so you can learn from their expertise.

When you invest in a franchise, look for a brand that has franchisees in a wide variety of locations. This shows 2 things. First, it proves that their model works in different places, and the business is not a random success that is dependent on location. Second, it proves that the franchisor has experience helping franchisees get set up in their markets.

Use Your Practiced Eye

Style isn’t something you can teach overnight. Some people just have it and others don’t. The same goes for creativity or an eye for things that look nice. In a clothing franchise business opportunity, having a practiced eye for beauty and merchandising helps you sell products to your customers. For one thing, having an eye for fashion helps you choose clothing and apparel that will sell. Additionally, your eye for style will help you set up displays and dress mannequins in such a way that drives product sales.

Benefit from the Franchise’s Connections

Undoubtedly, you have learned about the importance of networking throughout your career. When you join a franchise, you have an automatic network of people and connections with whom you will work, bringing a lot of value to the investment.

This is especially true with a clothing franchise. Invest in a franchise that has valuable contacts in the fashion world where you can purchase your merchandise. Look for brands that have connections in fashion districts or with designers, to give you access to the trends and styles that your customers want.

In addition to the suppliers, a franchise connects you with other franchise owners who have been in your exact position before. Learning from and building relationships with your fellow franchisees is a smart way to take advantage of the brand’s greatest resource: its people.

Investing in a clothing franchise business opportunity gives you the chance to use the skills you have learned in fashion merchandising, retail, and a host of other industries. When you invest in a brand that has a lot to offer, like Apricot Lane, you can maximize your skills to build a strong business. Learn more about our opportunity by reading our FAQs!

  • June 19, 2017
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retail clothing franchise family

Have a Family to Support? No Problem! We Make Franchising Possible

If you have a family to support, we understand that you might have some reservations about investing in a franchise. How will you afford to support your family? How will you have time to spend with your children? How will you balance your home life with your work life? When you own an Apricot Lane retail clothing franchise, all of that is possible!

Many of our franchisees have families to support. Keep reading to see how they do it!

The Retail Clothing Franchise Opportunity Fills a Need

People always need clothes. OK, maybe need is a strong word, but people are always buying clothes. With changing seasons and updating trends, consumers are buying new clothes regularly. A survey found that there are numerous reasons people shop for clothes. Take a look at the percentage of people who shop for each reason:

  • Sales=80%
  • New Seasons=56%
  • Travel/Vacation=50%
  • Career Events (job interview or conference)=46%
  • Social Events=45%
  • Weddings/Funerals/Reunions=41%
  • Romantic (date or anniversary)=33%
  • Fashion Trends=29%
  • Advertisements=27%
  • Sporting Events=19%
  • Educational Events (back to school)=18%
  • None of the Above=2%

As you can see, many of the people surveyed listed more than one reason for shopping. Even more significant for your Apricot Lane retail clothing franchise, the survey found that women are more likely to shop for most of these reasons than men are. Your Apricot Lane Boutique will carry women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, so these findings reveal that your shoppers will be coming in for all kinds of occasions.

The more people shop, the more revenue your store generates. Simply put, Apricot Lane attracts customers with our trendy styles, fresh look, and of-the-moment fashion, all for an affordable price. When customers are shopping in store—Nielsen found that more than 80% of shoppers purchase apparel and shoes in brick and mortar stores as opposed to online—that is good news for your business.

Multiple Shopping Avenues

You may have read alarmist headlines about the death of retail in favor of online shopping. While it is true that online shopping is growing, brick and mortar stores are not dying a slow death. At Apricot Lane, we want to stay in front of the changing ways that people shop, so we have not ignored the online shopping space. Many franchise locations have a website where customers can preview styles or order directly.

Being able to cater to customers who shop online puts your store at an advantage. They still get the unique experience of shopping specially curated items with a boutique-like feel, but the convenience of shopping at home.

We Let You Keep Things Flexible

Do you need afternoons off for after school pickup? Are you hoping to be home for dinner and bedtime each night? Have you vowed to be at every soccer game to support your kids?

At times, the prospect of owning a retail clothing franchise may make it seem like these goals are impossible. But at Apricot Lane, we know that our franchisees’ families are important to them, so they are important to us, too. In order to help you meet your family’s needs, we give our franchisees the flexibility they need.

Once your store is built and your staff is trained, you are free to make the schedule that works for you. You are free to be at your store when it works for your family and your lifestyle as long as you have employees and managers who can run things in your absence. That’s the beauty of being the owner: you can make your schedule as flexible as you want.

Apricot Lane takes our franchisees’ work-life balance seriously. We are committed to making sure that our business is the right fit for you and your family. Have questions about how we do it? Get in touch with us!

  • June 12, 2017
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female business owner

3 Skills Needed to Work in the Retail Franchise Industry

As you think about the skills you need to work in the retail franchise industry, you need to think about two sides of it: the business and the customers. Ultimately, customers are the lifeblood of retail, whether you are running a clothing franchise or a jewelry franchise (or both!).

As a business owner, every move you make has implications for your business as a whole as well as your customers, so think about the ways that your skills apply to both sides of the industry.

#1 Attention to Detail in Your Jewelry Franchise

Detail-oriented people make excellent business owners and customer experience providers. Paying attention to detail allows you to focus on the little things without losing sight of the big picture.

Business Side

The details can make or break your career as a business owner, especially in the retail industry. Owning a clothing and jewelry franchise means that you need to balance your inventory, employee schedules, monthly revenue, and so much more. An eye for detail and a well-organized mind are essential to keep track of all the moving parts of a business.

Customer Side

Helping customers requires that you be able to focus on a handful of things at the same time. Counting accurate change, keeping displays neat, and giving good customer service all require that you pay attention to the details. An eye for the details helps you improve sales and market to the people who shop at your store.

#2 Communication

Being able to communicate clearly and efficiently is an important skill in virtually any career, especially retail. Good communication includes speaking clearly and listening well to your business contacts and customers alike.

Business Side

The owner of a clothing and jewelry franchise has to create relationships with a wide variety of people, and communication is essential for that. As owner, you will communicate with your employees, buyers, fellow franchisees, and the franchise’s corporate personnel. Listening to feedback and taking direction are important for your personal growth. Even more importantly, communication is integral to quality management; you can solve employee spats and customer concerns by listening to their concerns and speaking with authority and candor.

Customer Side

In order to help your customers as they shop in your store, you need to listen to their needs. Paying attention to your customers’ requests is the first rule of customer service. Even better, by listening to your customers, you can more effectively find what they need and increase your sales.

In addition, being able to communicate well is how you solve customer problems. When a customer comes to you with a complaint, the first thing to do is listen. Hearing out your customers when they are upset goes a long way to making them happy. Then, once you have listened, you can solve the problem and show the customer that you are putting them first.

#3 Eye for Style

When it comes to style some people have it and others don’t. In a clothing or jewelry franchise, an eye for style is an absolute must.

Business Side

Because retail is a highly creative industry, a sense of style will help you with your inventory. The owner of a retail franchise is responsible for purchasing inventory, displaying clothing and accessories in an appealing way, and keeping up with the trends. If you do not have an eye for design or style, you can hire someone to help with this part of the business; however, it is easier if you can handle the inventory and displays yourself, especially when you first open.

Customer Side

Selling clothing and accessories to customers is easier if you can put together stylish pairings and outfits. Shoppers often come to retail workers for help creating outfits, or to find that one piece that will complete a look. An eye for style will make it easier for you to help your customers find the perfect outfit.

If you have these skills and you are ready to put them to good use, it’s time to start thinking about investing in an Apricot Lane franchise. Contact us to learn more about our opportunity and what we can offer you!

  • June 5, 2017
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