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“Will I Receive Adequate Training?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions About Our Clothing Franchise Opportunity

Before you come on board as an Apricot Lane franchise owner, you’ll probably have several questions about our business model, what services we offer, our types of support and training, investment inquiries, and more. You want to know what to expect when you pursue a new clothing franchise opportunity, so we’ve put together this list of common questions, and answers to give you confidence in taking that next big career leap.

What Kinds of Training Will I Receive to Prepare?

Regardless of your background, it’s a common concern to feel like you lack the experience to open your own clothing boutique franchise. We understand that jumping from a corporate job or a different industry to a clothing boutique franchise can be a daunting prospect. However, Apricot Lane has an extensive training program designed to ensure that our franchisees are ready to open their doors on day one.

We offer 40 hours of virtual home training, including courses on our inventory management software. We also offer classroom training at our headquarters in the Sacramento Valley, which covers a wide range of topics, from store management and customer service, to marketing and inventory management. We’ll also take you on a field trip to the LA fashion district. Once your location is established and you’re preparing for opening day, we’ll provide on-site training on displays, sales systems, and staff training. This assistance continues even after your doors have opened for business. For the first 120 days, your boutique is open to the public, we will continue to track your operations, make check-ins, and provide ongoing assistance. It’s this sophisticated support system that makes Apricot Lane truly unique among clothing franchise opportunities.

Will You Help Me Find a Location?

Absolutely. We use a real estate broker to help research and secure the perfect location for you, and we connect you with a real estate attorney to negotiate the lease. We are very involved in the site selection and approval process – we even send someone out to visit you in your market as part of the broader approval process, on our dime BEFORE we award a franchise.

Can I Do My Own Buying?

Yes. Giving you the freedom to handle your own buying is key to what makes Apricot Lane unique among clothing franchise opportunities. You will have a lot of flexibility with regard to the merchandise you carry. We will put together your initial merchandise plan, including percentages of categories and specific vendors, but after that it’s up to you!

Once I Sign On, How Long Will It Take to Open My Store?

The answer to this question varies, and is highly dependent on the location itself. The condition of the space is an important consideration, as well as any construction needs and permits that may be required. For most new franchisees, however, the store is usually open four to five months after the signing of the Franchise Agreement.

Is E-Commerce an Option for Clothing Franchise Opportunities?

Yes! We utilize two e-commerce platforms, and encourage our franchisees to take advantage of them. We do, however, recommend waiting at least six months before adding an e-commerce platform, to give yourself time to build your customer base.

If you have more questions for us, or if Apricot Lane sounds like the clothing franchise opportunity for you, reach out to us here today.

  • February 26, 2018
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3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Opening an Apricot Lane Apparel Franchise

Before you take the big plunge and sign on to become a franchisee, we want to make sure you have all the information you need. That means clueing you in on some facts you might have missed. When you choose a franchisor, you’re attaching yourself to a company in a very significant (hopefully permanent) way, and you need to be sure that it’s a good fit. Conversely, we want our prospective franchisees to be thoroughly informed before coming to us, with a solid understanding of what we offer, and exactly what makes us unique from other franchise opportunities. Here’s what you should know about us before becoming an Apricot Lane apparel franchisee.

A Great Option for Families

Having the freedom to determine your own business style is one of the key benefits of franchising. A franchisor will set up guardrails to keep you on the right path, and a business model to work within, but ultimately the character of your business is up to you. When you run an Apricot Lane apparel franchise, you also become part of our boutique philosophy, which encourages you to inject your own personality in style into your store. This helps customers feel a personal connection to each location.

This philosophy fits particularly well with prospective franchisees looking to start a business with their family. Since our model allows for your input regarding display appearance, store layout, and prioritization of styles, there’s a ton of room for fun family collaboration. This freedom is also beneficial for franchisee couples with hectic schedules, or anyone who craves flexibility in their career.

Our Limited Stock

Fast fashion has revolutionized the industry by doing away with the traditional four season model. What makes Apricot Lane unique is our 52 “micro-season” model. Since people want the hottest runway trends right away, within two weeks of their release by the designer, we make sure to always carry an ever-rotating and changing selection of new apparel. When you own an Apricot Lane apparel franchise, you will be giving shoppers a way to stay constantly connected to the latest trends — and with limited stock available, customers understand the urgency of purchasing before their favorite piece is gone.

Extensive Training for Our Apparel Franchise Opportunity

Before embarking on a new career in franchising, you might be wondering: if I’ve never done this before, how will I know if I’m ready when my doors open? Well, we don’t expect you to know everything. Apricot Lane has an extensive training program dedicated to ensuring that our franchisees are confident from day one. We offer 40 hours of virtual home training, classroom training at our headquarters in the Sacramento Valley, which covers store management, and a field trip to the LA fashion district. After you’ve selected your location, we offer on-location training where our team will assist you with displays, sales systems, and staff training on-site.

But the support doesn’t end there! Even after you’ve opened your doors, we will track your operations for the first 120 days, make check-ins, and provide ongoing assistance. Opening a brand-new apparel franchise can be daunting, but through our education materials and our comprehensive training programs, we make sure our franchisees are both prepared and excited.

If an Apricot Lane apparel franchise sounds like the perfect career move for you, reach out to us today to learn how to get started.

  • February 19, 2018
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Get in Touch with Your Franchisee Side: Own an Apricot Lane Clothing Store Franchise

For those who work in a corporate retail environment or at a large fashion company, it’s easy to become frustrated with your day-to-day routine, working for somebody else. You might not have much control over your day or schedule, and find yourself wanting more agency in your career. That’s what makes Apricot Lane an attractive clothing store franchise opportunity for so many entrepreneurs. Apricot Lane empowers franchisees to insert their own unique style into their business, and sets them up for growth with a strong business model.

Take Charge of Your Career by Investing in Clothing Store Franchise Opportunities

Whether you’re working in the fashion industry or any other industry, at the corporate or retail level, you’ve probably experienced the desire to be your own boss, and conduct business your own way. Regardless of whether you have fashion-specific experience, or a managerial background, we welcome those with an entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to learn the ins and outs of an exciting industry. With an Apricot Lane clothing store franchise opportunity, you will have more control over your inventory, and the freedom to create unique displays that speak to your vision for the store and sense of style.

The Fast Fashion Advantage

The fast fashion boutique model is uniquely positioned to take advantage of consumers’ evolving needs and habits. Recent trends have shown that consumers are impatient for the newest styles, and don’t necessarily want to shop on a quarterly basis. Our “micro-season” model is designed to assume that there is no offseason. Customers want the hottest trends right away, no later than two weeks after their release by the designer. Our ever-rotating selection of new apparel means there is always a reason for customers to keep visiting our stores for their favorite styles.

Industry Strength

Perhaps the most important question new franchisees should be asking is: am I entering a thriving market, with plenty of room for growth and profitability? Luckily, the clothing industry is among the strongest and most consistent. In 2013 women’s apparel sales were $116.4 billion, and by 2020 the industry as a whole is expected to grow by as much as 17.2%. Apricot Lane is also uniquely placed in the rapidly expanding niche of fast fashion. Fast fashion has grown by 21% over the past three years, and is expected to grow an additional 5.91% per year for the next three.

Boutique fashion retailers like Apricot Lane fill a lucrative gap in the market, which is what makes them such attractive clothing store franchise opportunities. We understand that consumers want the hottest clothes as soon as they appear on the runway, so it’s no surprise that fast fashion is growing at an incredible clip, especially compared to the luxury market. If you’re looking to enter an industry at its peak, when opportunities are most plentiful, this is the perfect time to invest in a fast fashion clothing store franchise opportunity.

For more information about how to take the first step toward opening your own Apricot Lane clothing franchise, contact us here today.

  • February 12, 2018
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3 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Apricot Lane Store Is a Good Fit for You

Opening a franchise means taking a huge step forward in your career, and you want to make sure it’s the right fit. There are a lot of opportunities out there, in a variety of industries, and it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure that you have all the information necessary to make a decision. The best franchises give you a unique, competitive advantage over the competition, allow you to work with a proven business model with a loyal customer base, and exist within a thriving, growing industry. An Apricot Lane store is one of the premier franchise opportunities available today.

The Fast Fashion Advantage

One of the benefits of investing in a fast fashion boutique is the flexibility. If you’ve ever worked in a corporate retail environment or in luxury fashion, you know what it feels like to operate under constant overhead, with limited room to run your businesses the way you want. With a boutique clothing franchise, you have the opportunity to not only work within an exciting, ever-changing industry, but also retain a sense of agency and control. When you open an Apricot Lane clothing store, you can feel confident knowing that you inject your own personal style and eye for fashion into the franchise.

A Seasoned Brand

Before signing on with any franchise, you should make sure you fully understand the business model, and that the company’s franchise system is conducive to success. Our 23 years of success speaks for itself. Every year from 2009 to 2017, Apricot Lane has been ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top 500 franchises, and we aim to continue this trend well into the future. Since our inception, we have been perfecting our franchise model so that new franchisees can expect a smooth training and transitional process upon opening their own Apricot Lane store.

Industry Growth and Security in an Apricot Lane Store

Timing is important with any new business endeavor, and the timing couldn’t be better to enter the fast fashion retail space. Apricot Lane fills a key gap in the market, featuring the trendiest clothes and latest styles as soon as they appear on the runway. The clothing industry is strong, and poised for massive growth. By 2020 it’s expected to grow by as much as 17.2%. The fast fashion industry specifically has grown by 21% over the past three years, and is projected to grow an additional 5.91% per year for the next three. If entering an industry at its peak is a good indicator of success, the recent explosion of fast fashion makes this the ideal time to pursue a clothing franchise business opportunity.

If you think you’re a good fit for the fast fashion industry, and are ready to pursue a franchise opportunity with your own Apricot Lane store, reach out to us here today.

  • February 5, 2018
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