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Delve into the History of our Brand to Learn More About our Boutique Clothing Franchise Opportunity

We’re strong believers in the power of a strong track record, and when it comes to owning a boutique clothing franchise, you want to invest in a franchisor that has a proven record of facilitating the success of their franchisees. At Apricot Lane, we have been in business for over 23 years, and have spent that time refining our franchise system to prepare our franchisees for the hurdles and obstacles that may stand in their way. This includes developing a sophisticated support system that really addresses our franchisees’ needs, and giving them the ability to run their business with confidence from Day 1.

Award Winning Boutique Clothing Franchise

In 2008, the prestigious International Council of Shopping Centers Association (ICSC) named Apricot Lane the Hot Retail Concept for Fashion. This award is given out based on the voting of ICSC’s membership of over 70,000, and we’re pleased to have made such an overwhelmingly positive impression on their audience. In the same year, Apricot Lane added to its list of accolades by making Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the Top 50 Hottest Franchises of the Year.

Every year from 2009 through 2017, Apricot Lane has been ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s coveted annual Top 500 List, which ranks the best franchise opportunities in the United States. While we’re pleased with the recognition we’ve received, we’re only concerned about the future, and in welcoming new quality franchises into our family to help us continue our tradition of success.

Today, Apricot Lane has more than 75 franchise locations with plans to welcome 15-20 stores to the family each year. Led by the founding partners and a dedicated staff, Country Visions, Inc. is committed to the support and success of every franchisee.

A Proven Business Model

We owe our continued success to our proven business model, which has become the standard for operating a boutique clothing franchise. Our model is built upon the foundation of a strong training system, location scouting and hiring assistance, marketing materials, and a set of procedures designed to assist you. We have invested a great deal of time and testing into these helpful support materials for the benefit of our new franchisees. For 23 years, we have had immense success in the fast fashion niche, and new franchisees should expect a smooth transition process as they prepare to open their doors.

If you want to help write the latest chapter in the long history of Apricot Lane, contact us today to take the first step toward owning your own boutique clothing franchise.

  • May 27, 2018
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The New Face of Retail: A Fast Fashion Clothing Store Franchise

Anyone who has worked at a luxury fashion company or in the corporate retail space knows what it feels like to work with limited flexibility. You probably didn’t have much control over what was bought, sold, or displayed in the store, and there was likely little-to-no room for expressing individual style. The beauty of owning a clothing store franchise is the sense of independence it gives you; to carry whatever items speak to your vision and style, and constantly update your inventory with new looks. If you want to enter a booming industry in a niche that’s growing more popular by the year, an Apricot Lane fast fashion franchise might be for you.

A New Formula for a Clothing Store Franchise

Traditionally, there are four times of year when profits are highest for fashion retailers: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. While this has been standard in the fashion industry for many years, we think it’s time to shake up that formula. What makes our clothing store franchise successful is adopting the 52 “micro-season” model. We’re strong believers that there should be no offseason. People want the hottest trends right away, within two weeks of their release by the designer. Our ever-rotating-and-changing selection of new apparel means there is always an impetus to buy, to stay up-to-date, and to not fall behind the fashion curve. Apricot Lane gives people a way to stay connected to the latest trends as soon as they hit the market.

Why Wait for Style?

The beauty of fast fashion is that it capitalizes on consumers’ desire to look trendy and current — even those who might not consider themselves fashion-conscious. Traditionally, to stay stylish shoppers had to empty their bank accounts for luxury brands, but with the rise of fast fashion, looking your best is actually affordable. By specializing in mass-produced items that are aesthetically similar to luxury brands, fast fashion retailers can appeal to the tastes of a broad audience, while also meeting the budgetary constraints of the average consumer. And with the rise of celebrity endorsements and more fast fashion stores opening by the day, the industry looks to a promising future.

The Rise of Fast Fashion

Traditional fashion retail brands have been on the decline in recent years, while boutique, fast-fashion retailers like Apricot Lane have seen a steady rise. Consumers don’t want to wait for seasonal collections. They want the hottest clothes as soon as they appear on the runway, so it’s no surprise that the fast fashion industry has grown 21% over the past three years, and is expected to grow an additional 5.9% per year for the next three. Our space is growing at an incredible clip, meaning our clothing store franchises are well-positioned to succeed well into the future. If you’re looking for an opportune time to enter the fashion industry or foray into fast fashion, there’s no better time than right now.

If you’re eager to take advantage of our booming industry, start your own clothing store franchise and launch your fast fashion career with us today.

  • May 19, 2018
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What’s it Like to Own an Apparel Franchise? Check Out Our Franchisee Testimonials

When you choose an apparel franchise, you’re not only choosing a business to call your own, but also a partner who has a vested interest in your success. At Apricot Lane, we take pride in staying involved with our franchisees, and giving them the support they need every step of the way. From helping you implement our proven franchise system to offering valuable training, support, and location scouting services, we want you to be confident in your ability to succeed from Day 1. We also encourage you to take advantage of our extensive franchisee network for advice, tips, and insight into running your own apparel franchise. Here’s what some of our franchisees are saying about their experience with Apricot Lane.

Apparel Franchise Franchisee Testimonials

Wendy Lytle, Louisville, Kentucky

“I started the store four years ago with the idea of having moms and daughters come shopping together to have a wonderful experience, and it still holds true today. We also see grandma tagging along! We donate to charities, we offer summer fashion camp and we work with girls and their high schools to teach them about fashion. I do want to mention that I do love being part of the franchise. They offer buying tools, the vendor discounts are wonderful, we have monthly conference calls where we can share and learn about each other’s business because each store is unique and I do really enjoy being a part of that.”

Diane Holtz, Fairfield, Connecticut

“I had an extensive career as a corporate retail executive for over 25 years, but in 2010 I decided I wanted a change from the traditional corporate setting. I was looking for an opportunity to utilize my fashion background and open my own store – though I wasn’t sure how to go about it. When I discovered the Apricot Lane franchise, which prides itself in providing freedom and flexibility, I knew I had found the opportunity of a lifetime.

Apricot Lane has the team and systems in place to help me open the store and position the business for success. It has been a great collaboration through which I am able to utilize my strengths in merchandising, marketing and visual together with Apricot Lane’s operational expertise. I consider having an Apricot Lane franchise the best of both worlds: running my own business with autonomy but also having a team of professionals that can help me as needed. I also appreciate participating in monthly conference calls where Apricot Lane franchisees can exchange and discuss ideas and opportunities. Throughout the past seven years, I have watched my business grow exponentially and I thank the Apricot Lane team for providing an invaluable partnership.”

Amy Lewis, Morehead City, North Carolina

“When I decided a year ago to pursue my dream of owning a boutique, I knew I would need a great deal of help. I was a teacher for 27 years and had no business experience. After researching franchises, I knew Apricot Lane was the perfect match for me! The Apricot Lane Franchise has prepared me every step of the way by providing thorough training in marketing, managing purchasing, and merchandising. The corporate team is AWESOME! They work very hard to make sure I am successful. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Apricot Lane Franchise!”

For the rest of our franchisee reviews check out our testimonials page, and reach out to us to find out how to take the first step toward owning your own apparel franchise.

  • May 11, 2018
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Put Your Passion for Fashion to Good Use by Investing in a Clothing Store Franchise

When you pursue a clothing store franchise, you don’t have to be a business expert or have a long resume of fashion industry experience. The Apricot Lane franchise model is designed to empower franchisees to put their passion for the newest, trendiest styles to use. We believe that when you run a business, you should truly love that business and have a genuine enthusiasm for the industry. It’s okay if you’ve never owned a franchise before, but you should have a strong sense for current styles and understand the importance of staying abreast of industry developments.

A Passion for Style

If you live for fashion, you know how important it is to stay up to date on fast fashion trends. Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve makes us unique compared to the larger and luxury retailers. One of the best parts of running a clothing store franchise is that you’re in charge of customizing your displays, so you can really individualize your store to align with your personality and vision. We want you to love the work you do, so we give you the agency to inject your unique passion for fashion into your franchise.

Turn Your LOVE into Your Career

Who doesn’t want to go into work and do something they truly enjoy? When you open an Apricot Lane clothing store franchise, you’ll be running a business and having fun doing it. Even with limited prior business experience, you should have a driving interest in learning more about our thriving industry, the fashion world, and staying current on the hottest new trends. Most importantly, you should have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a determination to work through any obstacles you may encounter during the process.

Support & Training for Your Clothing Store Franchise

It’s important to remember that you won’t be in it alone. Our clothing store franchise is a turnkey opportunity with a proven business model, built-in brand awareness, and an infrastructure of training and support that will really ease the transition from other industries and careers. We know that the process can be daunting for first-time franchisees, so we’ve implemented a sophisticated support system. Apricot Lane has an extensive training program in place to ensure that our franchisees are ready to open their doors on Day 1. In addition to our 40 hours of virtual home training, we also offer classroom training at our headquarters in the Sacramento Valley, covering store management, customer service, marketing and inventory management, and a field trip to the LA fashion district.

If you’ve got a real passion for fashion, and are excited about turning your hobby into a lucrative career, contact us to learn more about starting your own clothing store franchise with Apricot Lane.

  • May 6, 2018
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