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Is the Franchise Investment Worthwhile? Yes, and Here’s Why

If the specialty retail industry – and Apricot Lane Boutique, specifically – seems like the perfect fit for the next step in your professional evolution, the only question left to ask is if the franchise investment is worth it. Is this the plunge I want to take? Is this franchise investment really worth it?

In short, yes. Apricot Lane Boutique’s franchise system is a turnkey investment, proven to help franchisees not only launch their business, but also thrive. Through this system and your active dedication to making your business great, a franchise investment is most certainly worth it.

Here are three reasons why investing in an Apricot Lane franchise can be the start of the next great chapter of your professional career.

franchise investment

A Reasonable and Affordable Franchise Investment

One of the biggest hangups people have with investing in a franchise is that they think it is something reserved for extremely seasoned entrepreneurs and the incredibly wealthy. The initial franchise fee to purchase your own Apricot Lane Boutique franchise is just $34,500, while the total initial franchise investment is approximately $225,000.

That money goes toward covering the slew of resources and support that we provide for you and your franchise to help get your business off the ground smoothly.

Constant Training and Education

A franchise investment goes two ways. You invest with us and our brand, and we invest in you and your dreams. Apricot Lane Boutique stands out from the pack in how we interact with and support our franchisees across the country.

Our training and support structure is extensive and designed to leave no question unanswered for you during the franchising process and beyond. We start with 40 hours of online training in your home that is done through electronic materials so you can do them from the comfort of your own couch on a schedule that works for you. From there we fly you out to our gorgeous corporate headquarters in Central California for more in-depth training.

The training continues with several days of in-store work before opening your franchise and continues after with webinars, conference calls, and more education materials for you to utilize as you grow into the role of Apricot Lane franchise owner.

Many Available Locations For You

One of the biggest pluses of franchising with Apricot Lane Boutique is that we can adapt our franchise model to fit your location and your needs. When you make a franchise investment with us, we want to make sure that there is the perfect location for your store in your community. Our turnkey model allows for great flexibility in the design of our stores. We know that a store in Alaska will be different from one in Florida or one in New Mexico, so we allow for that in the planning of our stores.

Beyond that, we have locations available across the United States. There are territories for your franchise available in all 50 states, with priority states from coast to coast, so you are not limited by your location.

To learn more about what your franchise investment gets with Apricot Lane, and to start toward becoming a franchisee yourself, reach out to us today.

  • October 25, 2018
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clothing store franchise opportunities

Clothing Store Franchise Opportunities: Your New Venture Awaits

We know what you’re feeling. You’re tired of the same old grind every day of every week at the same drab office you’ve been at for years. It’s time for a change, and what better way to do that than to look into clothing store franchise opportunities through Apricot Lane Boutique.

At Apricot Lane, we can provide the work environment that you crave. From running your own business to providing the trendiest fashions for the people in your city, operating an Apricot Lane franchise provides a fulfilling atmosphere that a regular 9-to-5 job simply cannot.

Clothing Store Franchise Opportunities: What We Do

The fashion and apparel industry is highly competitive. Apricot Lane Boutique separates itself from the pack thanks to its keen eye for providing the most on-trend fashion to its diverse customer base.

We have experienced fashion buyers and experts that help us pick out the best pieces to sell in our stores. Our product changes constantly to give our customers new, excited pieces to buy on a regular basis. By searching for clothing store franchise opportunities with Apricot Lane you will be looking into a company that stays at the cutting edge of fashion.

clothing store franchise opportunities

Join a Rising Industry

The specialty retail industry is large and is growing at a consistent rate. Expected to see double-digit growth through 2020, the business is showing no signs of slowing down. There is no better time to explore clothing store franchise opportunities than right now and riding the wave. Investing in an Apricot Lane franchise would allow you to bring new shopping experiences to your community and build your brand over time.

Additionally, as the millennial generation continues to grow in terms of its buying power, the specialty retail industry is set to benefit greatly from all the new revenue streaming into the marketspace. Millennials are an even bigger percentage of the population than the baby boomers and are set to leave their mark on the world – including in terms of setting retail trends in all sorts of industries – sooner than later.

You Will Never Be Alone

Apricot Lane stands out in the specialty retail industry for many reasons that start with its commitment to its franchisees. From the moment you reach out looking for clothing store franchise opportunities we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are in the best possible position to find success as a franchise owner. That includes wide-ranging training and support before you open your franchise to opening day and continuing for the years beyond. We want you to feel like a valued member of our family. If you’re committed to giving it your all as a franchise owner we’re dedicated to doing everything we can to help you succeed.

To learn more about clothing store franchise opportunities with Apricot Lane Boutique, and to get started on your journey toward franchise ownership, contact us today.

  • October 18, 2018
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franchise clothing stores

How Does Apricot Lane Compare to Other Franchising Clothing Stores?

It’s time for a change. You’ve been looking to grow professionally but have yet to find the perfect opportunity to use your skills and build something you can call your own. Enter Apricot Lane Boutique. Atop the pack when it comes to franchise clothing stores, Apricot Lane is an awesome place to spread your wings and let your creativity flow freely as you build a business of which you can be proud.

Providing Excellent Quality in Franchise Clothing Stores

When it comes to fashion, people want to look good, feel good, and feel like they are wearing the hottest trends in-season. Staying stylish means keeping on top of the latest fashion, and Apricot Lane provides the latest types of clothing every season. We do that by communicating with top buyers in the Los Angeles Fashion District to keep our styles changing and our looks fresh.

franchise clothing stores

Standing Out in a Growing Industry

The specialty retail industry is big. According to IBISWorld, the specialty retail industry is a $40 billion industry that is growing. Fast fashion has changed the game when it comes to fashion apparel, and Apricot Lane is at the front of the curve.

What makes fast fashion and the specialty retail industry so vibrant and strong is its commitment to affordability and quick turnaround. At one of our franchise clothing stores you can be sure that there will be inexpensive, fashionable clothing on the racks every day of the year.

As the women’s apparel industry continues to grow, and as millennials continue to become a larger percentage of the market, fast and stylish fashion is projected to continue to grow.

An Affordable Franchising Model

One thing that holds people back from opening franchise clothing stores is the idea that they need to be incredibly wealthy to do it. That’s not the case with Apricot Lane. Our franchisee fee is a humble $34,500 while the total initial investment to purchase and launch an Apricot Lane franchise is a roughly a reasonable $225,000.

That investment money will cover everything you will need to get your franchise off the ground, including help in finding a store location, inventory, on-site training, merchandising assistance, and help in designing the store itself.

You Never Walk Alone

We treat our franchisees as part of our family at Apricot Lane. From the time you first reach out to us to the day you open your franchise clothing store and beyond, we will be there for you. Our training is comprehensive because we want you to be able to succeed as a business owner and grow your Apricot Lane franchise in your community.

Our program includes 40 hours of online training in your own home before several days of training at our headquarters in California. We also provide training for you and the staff at your franchise clothing store, in your franchise location, before opening, and we offer continuing education for you after you’ve opened. When you make a commitment to Apricot Lane we make the same commitment to you.

To learn more about franchise clothing stores reach out to us today.

  • October 11, 2018
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clothing franchise opportunities

Already Have a Fulfilling Career? Here’s 3 Reasons to Still Consider Clothing Franchise Opportunities

There’s a huge difference between picking styles for yourself and choosing fashion for an employer. When you work for a brand, big or small, you can’t let your creativity flow. You view fashion through the lens of the brand whether or not it agrees with your personal tastes. Running your own Apricot Lane boutique is a great way to change up your professional life, let your creativity flow free, and recharge your life. There are many reasons why you should look into clothing franchise opportunities to give your work life the boost it deserves.

Working with a Beloved Brand

People love Apricot Lane. When it comes to clothing franchise opportunities there are few better than Apricot Lane because we are a company that prides ourselves on doing things the right way from top to bottom. From making sure our clothes are made ethically to aiding our franchisees in getting their clothing businesses off the ground to offering our customers the trendiest fashion around, we hold ourselves, and our brand, to the highest standard.

As a result, people expect quality when they hear the Apricot Lane name. We work with vendors in LA’s fashion district to ensure that we offer the best products each and every week and change product regularly to keep things fresh. Thanks to the constant turnover, you can let your imagination run free and pick the styles you want to feature on the shelves of your franchise.

clothing franchise opportunities

Affordable Clothing Franchise Opportunities

One of the potential barriers that holds prospects back from opening a franchise is what they believe to be high initial costs. Franchising with Apricot Lane is much more reasonable than you think. Our franchise fee is $34, 500, and your total initial investment is also franchisee-friendly. In other words, there’s no need to be a millionaire here. Instead, we’re interested in motivated people looking to find something they can build, operate, and passionately call their own.

In addition to being affordable, our franchise concept is flexible. We offer a turnkey design that can fit any location. We currently have available territories in all 50 states. So whether you’re in San Francisco, Fargo, Albany, or Orlando, there is a location for you and your franchise.

We Have Your Back Every Day

Being a good franchisor means being there for your franchisees. The whole team at Apricot Lane is dedicated to making sure you have the tools necessary to put you in the position to turn your clothing franchise opportunities into a successful franchise for many years to come. That means we offer training and support for you, your franchise, and your staff beginning with the day you first reach out to us.

Our support comes in a myriad of ways: from teaching you the basics of how to run a franchise to scouting for – and closing on – a location all the way through opening day and beyond. Even after you’ve opened, we offer help with bookkeeping services, and bring you to apparel shows and other industry events that will help you continue your education as an Apricot Lane Boutique owner.

To learn more about clothing franchise opportunities with Apricot Lane, and to begin your journey toward owning your own business, reach out to us today.

  • October 4, 2018
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