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3 Rising Trends in the Apparel Industry

At Apricot Lane, we’ve known for a long time that quality and value should go hand in hand, and it’s a cornerstone of our business philosophy. It’s what separates us from a lot of other leading fashion franchise brands. But a recent survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers has highlighted some interesting trends in the apparel industry that reiterate what we and our franchisees have known all along! Let’s take a look at three of them.

On-Trend Inventory That Changes Regularly

Consumers don’t want to shop clothing boutiques that carry the same old styles that can be found in other stores. They want variety, they want choices, and they want the latest styles that they see in magazines and online. And they want it yesterday!

At Apricot Lane, our buyers are always up-to-date on what big-name designers are showing so that our franchisees can offer customers similar styles at competitive prices. Thanks to our contacts in L.A.’s Fashion District and the apparel industry in general, our owners are uniquely able to stock their store with the latest fashions at prices that customers love. Many of our store owners manage their own purchases, so they have new products arriving every day! And because every Apricot Lane store is independently owned and operated, each location is a unique reflection of its owner and the community.

An In-Store Experience That Takes Care of Customers

Shoppers want to discover inventory that is exciting and fresh without feeling smothered or overwhelmed by a sales team. At the same time, they want to feel taken care of. How do we accomplish that? Every one of our Apricot Lane sales associates is, first and foremost, an ambassador of the brand who knows the importance of building a long-term relationship with each and every customer. That means learning what styles she appreciates, what colors she gravitates to, and what questions she might have. If a customer can’t find what she’s looking for, or she’s not sure about what she wants, our associates can make educated suggestions that reflect a thorough knowledge of the apparel industry. In short, we make sure shopping at Apricot Lane is always as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, which means our associates are there when shoppers need them and helping others when they don’t.

High Quality Without High Cost

Today’s boutique shopper loves a good buy, but she doesn’t want to feel like she’s sacrificing quality for it. At Apricot Lane, we’re always working to network with new vendors and strengthen our relationships with existing partners to ensure that value remains a key selling point in our stores. Our high-quality merchandise at realistic prices is what sets us apart! And because store owners choose their inventory from dozens and dozens of lines, it could guarantee that customers will find the dress they love, the shoes they can’t live without, or that perfect little gift, all at price points that add up to smart shopping.

If you’d like to be part of the exciting apparel industry, and want to learn more about how Apricot Lane is ahead of the curve,get in touch with us today!

  • January 29, 2019
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3 Business Skills You Will Learn as a Fashion Store Owner

Opening your own retail fashion store is a fun and rewarding way to make a living, be part of your community, and even make strong connections! But when you become an Apricot Lane Boutique owner, you’ll enjoy a whole lot more than that. In addition to the satisfaction of being your own boss, you’ll gain hands-on experience in what we like to call The Three M’s — Merchandising, Management, and Marketing. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Merchandising: Displaying Your Inventory Beautifully

When you go into any store and look around, the first thing you’ll notice is the way things are organized and displayed. That’s merchandising — and it’s especially important to get it right when you’re running a fashion store. The way you display your merchandise has a real impact on the customer experience and your ability to sell the styles you choose. That’s why when you open your Apricot Lane Boutique, you’ll work closely with one of our visual merchandising specialists who will teach you how to organize and display your uniquely curated inventory to create beautiful displays that customers not only love but that will encourage them to buy.

Management: Using Your Time Wisely at Your Fashion Store

As with any business, there’s much more to running it than meets the eye, and a fashion store is certainly no exception. As an Apricot Lane Boutique franchise owner, you’ll learn how to manage many facets of your business. You’ll learn how to create and handle schedules, hire and train employees, manage the back office, and so much more! Our software and tools will make learning all these new skills simpler for you, and our company intranet is full of resources that help you with everything from training to troubleshooting. In addition, we partner with a bookkeeping company that manages your books for you, freeing up your time to spend on other issues. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert at running the day-to-day operations of your business!

Marketing: Get the Word Out

Attracting customers to your store is critical and requires a multi-faceted approach to marketing, both through local and national channels. We’re marketing experts, and we’ll share that expertise with you, making sure to teach you some of the strategies and skills we use to draw customers into your store. In addition, we have ongoing marketing resources that will assist you in your local efforts. So, don’t worry! We’ll help you get the word out — and teach you how to do it, too!

These are just a few of the skills you’ll learn as an Apricot Lane franchisee. Our boutique franchise training program, which includes at-home, in-class and on-site learning, covers a broad range of topics, and is designed to fully prepare you for your new and exciting role as an Apricot Lane fashion store owner.

Contact us today for more information.

  • January 22, 2019
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3 Hiccups of Business Ownership and How to Overcome Them

These days, it feels like running your own business requires more time and effort than ever before. You have to manage all the day-to-day operations and invest time into the little details that keep your business up and running. At Apricot Lane, we know a thing or two about that, which is why, when you take advantage of our clothing boutique franchise opportunities, we go out of our way to make sure you have benefits from our resources and expertise. So, let’s take a look at three common hiccups of clothing store ownership and how we can help you manage them.

Marketing Your Business

Clothing boutique franchise opportunities are like any other business opportunity in that, once they go from opportunity to reality, they need to be marketed. After all, you can’t expect to do business unless people know you are in business. You’ll want to let your community know all about you and your store through channels that are available to you, and we are here to help. At Apricot Lane, we make sure all of our franchisees are prepared to do business! Our in-house marketing experts know just what it takes to spread the word. We have years of experience promoting new boutiques, and we’ll help to design and implement campaigns across a variety of channels that will reach hundreds of potential customers in your area. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to make sure none of our franchisees go it alone and that every one of them are poised for success.

Gaining and Keeping Customers

Growing and keeping a customer base is hugely important to any business, and we know that. We’ll help you win customers over with your uniquely curated inventory of the latest and greatest runway-inspired trends. When you partner with us, you’ll be providing your customers with a shopping experience that’s more akin to what they’d get from a luxury brand than from a typical store in the mall. That’s because our team is always researching the latest trends, which you can then offer your customers soon after they’re seen on the runway. Your customers will love knowing they can find styles like the ones they’ve seen in magazines and online right in their local boutique! Not only that, we have a wide network of suppliers that help us access our inventory at great prices, which means you can provide your customers with great deals on the looks they love. And that’s what will keep them coming back for more!

Surrounding Yourself with the Right Team of People

Business owners often think they can go it alone. But realistically, nobody can do that, which is why it’s crucial that owners surround themselves with the right team. From the moment you sign on as a franchisee, Apricot Lane makes sure you receive intensive and ongoing training and support.  Our training program has been perfected over the course of 26 years. We have been teaching and preparing all of our franchisees—those with and without retail backgrounds—in all aspects of operating a successful retail store franchise. Our training program is designed to be comprehensive, which will help you build strong and effective habits to implement in your franchise.

For more information about clothing boutique franchise opportunities and how we can help you avoid the hiccups of business ownership, get in touch with us today!

  • January 15, 2019
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Invest in Your Dreams and Go into Business with Your Spouse

Have you and your spouse been dreaming of starting a business together? Doing so can be very rewarding — and also very challenging. That’s why a franchise might be the best choice, and if you’ve been looking into retail clothing franchises for sale, you’re definitely on the right track! An Apricot Lane franchise offers couples some real advantages over starting a business from scratch. Let’s take a look at a few.

Franchising Is Less Financially Stressful Than Starting from Scratch

Whether you go it alone or with your spouse, starting a business takes planning, hard work, and, more often than not, a significant investment. Having to make important decisions with another person about how to allocate that investment can be especially stressful, planning and saving for unknown costs with no model or a company history to follow. But investing in an Apricot Lane franchise will take a lot of that guesswork out of the picture! When you and your spouse sign on as Apricot Lane franchisees, you’ll know exactly what’s expected of you financially; your startup costs will be in writing, and you’ll know exactly what they’ll get you. One of the best things you’ll get (besides peace of mind) is training. At Apricot Lane, we never let our new franchisees go it alone. The money you invest in our brand guarantees your ongoing training and support. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be buying into a proven business model – one that has been flourishing since 1991 across a broad spectrum of backgrounds and locations.

Of course, opening a franchise location will not guarantee you financial success; opening any new business carries with it some risk. But all Apricot Lane’s retail clothing franchises for sale are part of a respected and time-tested brand. Becoming part of that brand, with its proven track record and depth of support, can mean a whole lot less worry and a whole lot more fun for a couple going into business together!

Franchising Lays Out a Clear Path

One of the best things a franchise has to offer a business-minded couple is the freedom to concentrate on individual strengths and areas of expertise. This is because our franchises are built on blueprints for success, taking a lot of guesswork out of the equation. When a couple doesn’t have to spend a  lot of time trying to figure out where to set up shop, how many people to hire, and what kind of infrastructure to develop, they’re free to pursue what each does best, whether that be in marketing, bookkeeping, or buying. Following a franchise blueprint frees each owner up to pursue his or her passion within the business model, and that can be especially rewarding.

The Apricot Lane blueprint for success is based on over 26 years of franchising history and has proven to be a highly adaptable business model, one that is always on trend and always evolving. Each of our stores are individually owned and operated, making them unique to their community and a personal reflection of each franchise owner. We take a lot of the guesswork out of being a business owner because we know how rewarding life can be when you’re free to pursue your passion!

Are you ready to pursue yours? For more information about retail clothing franchises for sale and how buying one can help you and your spouse realize your dreams,contact us today!

  • January 8, 2019
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