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women's fashion industry

An Insider’s Look at What’s Hot in the Fashion Retail Industry

The women’s fashion industry is exciting, multi-dimensional, and dynamic. We ought to know. We’ve been at its forefront for a dozen years, and as such, we’ve had an insider’s look at what’s hot and what’s not!  And while trends always come and go, right now we’re seeing some important characteristics of the industry that are shaping the consumer experience and that are critical to the success of any retailer in the women’s fashion industry. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A Boutique Philosophy

Because each Apricot Lane Boutique store is independently owned and operated, each one is as unique as the community it serves. Owners curate their inventory from the hundreds of lines we offer, which means each location has a boutique feel, and customers love this. Our shoppers know they can visit their local Apricot Lane and find something timeless or on-trend, in a variety of colors and sizes. And because items are always manufactured in limited quantities, customers also know to act fast when they see something they like. This boutique philosophy, unique in the women’s fashion industry, allows our customers of all ages to feel special and to dress as an extension of their own unique selves!

All Seasons Shopping for Year-round Fun!

Now more than ever, when a woman finds what she loves — on runways, on Instagram, or in fashion blogs — she also wants to find it in her favorite clothing store. And she wants to find it right away! Today, shoppers don’t want to wait until a season comes rolling around to discover what’s new or on-trend. They want to find and wear the pieces that are making statements now. That’s why our team of buyers are always one step ahead of the curve, attending fashion trade shows all over the nation in order to keep up with styles and trends of the women’s fashion industry. We then take what our buyers have found and task our manufactures to produce the beautiful and affordable pieces that our franchisees choose from. All this means the Apricot Lane customer looks stylish and current 365 days a year!

A Personalized Experience Without Feeling Pressured

There’s a time and place for warehouse shopping, but never at an Apricot Lane store. Women who visit our boutiques will always receive friendly, personalized, and knowledgeable service from fashion consultants who know when to make themselves available and when to step back. We know a gentle suggestion from one of our associates, or some kind encouragement from one of our owners, can make all the difference! Our commitment to an intimate, specialized shopping experience is at the heart of the Apricot Lane brand philosophy, and it’s what always separates us from mass-market retailers.

We have years of experience in the women’s fashion industry. If you’d like to learn more about how you can be part of it, contact us today!

  • April 30, 2019
  • Blog
women's fashion industry

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Franchise Business Owner?

Apricot Lane is very proud to be the parent company of over 75 individually owned and operated franchise locations that serve their communities — and every year, we look forward to adding 15 to 20 more stores to our family. If you’re thinking about making the leap from employee to employer, if you’re excited about the possibility of being your own boss and are looking into women’s fashion industry franchise opportunities as your way to get there, Apricot Lane might just be the ticket! Our franchisees come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, and are an invaluable addition to the brand family. But while all our franchisees are unique, they do share some common characteristics that make them ideal candidates for an Apricot Lane franchise. What are some of those characteristics? Let’s take a look!

Passion for Fashion

Many if not most of our franchisees gravitate to the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise opportunity because they have what we like to call a “passion for fashion.” They’ve researched all the other women’s clothing franchise opportunities out there and quickly appreciate our commitment to that passion as well! We love fashion! More than that, we love providing women of all ages the opportunity to dress beautifully, smartly and fashionably, every day and at great prices. Our franchisees get excited when their new inventory arrives because they know their customers have come to expect on-trend clothing and accessories that allow them to express their passion for fashion. So, while each of our franchisees are as unique as a fingerprint, all of them have that finger on the fashion industry’s pulse!

A Love of People

One of the most rewarding aspects of being an Apricot Lane franchisee is being part of a retail community. Business owners are often leaders in their communities, and Apricot Lane encourages its franchisees to think of themselves that way, and to give back. It’s that love of people — talking to them, helping them, and sharing with them — that many of our franchisees feel. And it makes sense. Every day, our franchisees welcome hundreds of customers into their stores, interacting with them in fun and meaningful ways. Every day, women count on their local Apricot Lane store to provide them with just the right dress, that perfect pair of earrings, or a meaningful gift. The relationships that franchisees develop with their customers is special and important, and is something you can and should look forward to as part of the Apricot Lane family.

Financial Stability

So much of what defines an ideal Apricot Lane franchisee candidate is intangible. We’ve identified characteristics or experiences that we feel are helpful to have, but they’re not critical to a potential franchisee’s approval. For instance, while some retail experience is a plus, we don’t insist that you have it, in part because we know that our thorough training and ongoing support will make up for that. But regardless of background or experience, all our franchisees have demonstrated a certain level of financial stability that has made them good candidates for our business model. We look for that level of stability because we know opening a new business is hard work and can be stressful at times. Being financially secure before you start your journey as a franchisee is critical to your success.

To find out more about what the ideal Apricot Lane franchisee looks like, and how you can take advantage of women’s clothing franchise opportunities, get in touch with us today!

  • April 25, 2019
  • Blog
fashion franchise

The Fast-Fashion, Fashion-Forward Trends That Shape the Apricot Lane Difference!

Today, as the fashion franchise industry becomes more competitive, many women are not content with buying the same dress or sweater that thousands of other women may have in their closets — because after all, who wants to look like everyone else? Apricot Lane knows this. We have decades of experience helping women of all ages distinguish themselves while wearing beautiful and fashion-forward designs.  Our franchisees curate their inventory from the hundreds of lines we carry, allowing them to create a store that’s as unique as the community it serves! It’s part of what makes Apricot Lane not just fashion franchise leaders, but also experts in the fast fashion industry. Let’s take a look at a few of the important trends that define this cutting-edge market.


These days, everyone is watching their pennies. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to, but we don’t want to compromise on quality either. Is it possible to get both quality and affordability? It sure is! Apricot Lane excels at that. We have over 26 years of franchise history, with almost half of that time specifically focused on the fashion franchise industry. This has allowed us the chance to develop and nurture relationships with respected manufacturers that translate into savings for the customer. Our expert buyers attend trade shows all over the nation, and carefully choose from the latest in styles and trends. We work in the Los Angeles Fashion District, and because we buy often, we’re able to do so at a discount — a savings that’s passed on to the consumer.

Fresh Inventory

Keeping up with trends within the fast fashion franchise industry is a challenge. It takes expertise and commitment, and Apricot Lane has always been about keeping things fresh and forward. We know that the woman who loves fashion, loves to use it as an expression of herself, which means the clothes she shops for must be unique, on-trend, and current. That’s why our buyers are always on the lookout for favorite runway styles, and are quick to bring that fresh perspective to the lines we carry. As a result, our franchisees are able to add the newest and hottest looks to their inventory shortly after their runway debuts, and they can do so as often as they’d like! Many franchisees receive new shipments on a weekly basis, which is why their customers know it makes sense to regularly shop their Apricot Lane Boutique.

Limited Production

We don’t just make sure our franchisees have access to hundreds of lines of on-trend designs, both in clothing and accessories. When we add to those lines, we do so in limited quantities. This allows each woman who buys from Apricot Lane to do so more confidently, knowing her look will stay her own. She can pick and choose from all of our fashion-forward brands, put together outfits that are fresh and unique to her sense of style, and know she won’t see that same look on someone else at work or at the grocery store. It’s just another way of encouraging our customers to shop their Apricot Lane store frequently — not only because it’s fun, but because you’ll never know what you’ll find, nor how long it’ll be there!

Staying on top of fast fashion franchise trends is a hallmark of the Apricot Lane brand! If you’d like to find out more about this exciting industry, contact us today!

  • April 15, 2019
  • Blog
clothing business opportunities

Your Investment in Apricot Lane Boutique and Three Guarantees!

You love clothes! You love people! And you love the idea of combining the two and taking advantage of all the clothing business opportunities out there — and there are plenty. But be careful, because not all of them are created equal. When you decide to open a business of your own, it’ll require an investment of your time, effort, and most importantly, money. You don’t want to commit any of these critical resources to your dream of owning a business without being sure you’ll get something in return. And while very little in life is guaranteed, by choosing to franchise with Apricot Lane, you’ll be investing in a trusted brand that’s backed by decades of proven success. Let’s take a look at the Apricot Lane franchise cost and all that it will guarantee you!

You Won’t Go It Alone

One of the greatest benefits of beginning your life as a business owner with Apricot Lane is that you won’t be doing it alone. That’s a first guarantee. Our expert teams of marketers, real estate professionals, and operations personnel will be on hand every step of the way to help you establish your new store before, during, and after you open your doors. And that’s only part of what your one-time franchise fee will get you. Your on-going royalty fee of 5.5%, and an Advertising Development Fund fee of 1%, will offset the cost of continued support and marketing for as long as you’re part of the brand family. Your investments, both one-time and ongoing, help us help you find the perfect location, stock it with timeless and on-trend inventory and accessories, help you hire and train the best sales associates, and give you access to the latest in technology, so that your new store runs smoothly and successfully every day of the year! It’s this unparalleled commitment to support that separates us from all the other clothing business opportunities out there.

Support and Education

A second guarantee to you is that, as we learn and improve, so do you! For as long as you’re with the Apricot Lane family, you’ll have access to continuing support and education as part of the Apricot Lane franchise cost. That means you’ll work with the very best and latest in technology and systems support, and benefit directly from the monthly conference calls we hold with all our stores. During these calls, we cover buying, best sellers, marketing, social media, and operations, among many other important subjects, making sure you stay on top of all that the industry demands and has to offer.

The New Face of Retail

Lastly, here’s our third guarantee to you: investing in an Apricot Lane franchise location will put you at the forefront of the fast fashion industry — one we’ve been leaders in for a dozen years. It’s a robust and fashion-forward market defined by affordability, quick turnaround from runway to store, and unique items produced in limited quantities — all of which Apricot Lane has perfected to an art and a science!

If you’re interested in learning more about clothing business opportunities and how Apricot Lane is one of the best, contact us today!

  • April 4, 2019
  • Blog

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