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Live the Life You Want When You Join Apricot Lane!

How many of us get to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work? Unfortunately, not enough of us. But a clothing business opportunity with Apricot Lane has allowed countless franchisees to live the life they’ve been dreaming of, turning their passion for fashion into rewarding careers as they become valuable members of their community, offering the latest on-trend fashions and accessories to women of all ages. Our franchisees get to spend their work days merchandising beautiful inventory and making friends with repeat customers — who wouldn’t love that? If you see yourself doing the same thing, read on to find out more about how partnering with Apricot Lane can allow you to live the life you want.

Love Your Work

There are so many reasons to love your work when it means owning and operating an Apricot Lane boutique — and if you’re worried about becoming part of a fun and fast-paced industry without any prior experience at it — don’t be! You can make the changes to your career that you want, knowing you have access to our time-tested business model that lays the groundwork for success, and the training and support you’ll need to prepare you for business. We make sure you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to run your Apricot Lane boutique — how to stock it with beautiful inventory, how to display it in eye-catching ways, and how to find and hire the right staff — all before you even open your doors. Once they are open, it won’t take long for you to enjoy all the rewards of being your own boss, from deciding what stylish and trendy lines of clothing and accessories you’d like to carry, to how many hours you want to spend in your boutique. It’s your call, and you’ll love that freedom!

Your Career and Your Community

One of the best aspects of a clothing business opportunity with Apricot Lane is the feeling you get being part of something bigger than yourself. When you open your beautiful boutique, you’ll quickly become a beloved resource for women of all ages in your community, as they turn to you for fashion advice, creative gift ideas, and just some good old-fashioned retail therapy. Many of our franchisees find the relationships they develop with their customers the most rewarding aspect of their jobs, and the longer you’re in business, the more your town will view you as a leader in your business community.

A Clothing Business Opportunity like No Other

Apricot Lane has distinguished itself as being a fashion franchise leader for decades, with over 75 boutique locations across the country, and a finger that’s always on the pulse of the fashion industry. Our franchisees can count on our unparalleled training and support, as they grow their careers, enjoy their lives as business owners, and meet the unique needs of their communities.

To find out more about a clothing franchise opportunity with Apricot Lane, get in touch today!

  • January 27, 2020
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how to open your own retail clothing store

Want to Turn Your Passion for Fashion into a Career? Here’s How!

If you’re wondering how to open your own retail clothing store, and are worried that you might not have the background or retail experience to do so, rest easy — Apricot Lane is there for you, every step of the way! We believe that part of what separates a good franchise investment from a great one is the training and support a franchisee can count on from the franchisor. At Apricot Lane, we take that commitment very seriously, which means our offering can be capitalized on by a wide range of investors from a wide range of backgrounds. Let’s take a closer look at how we prepare you for ownership, here.

Pre-Opening Training

At Apricot Lane, we’ll fully prepare you on how to open your own retail clothing store with us, beginning with the 40 hours of at-home training you’ll take part in, conducted at your own pace and on your own schedule. You’ll study our proprietary training manuals that are electronically stored in a password-protected intranet, and take tests on their content, in addition to learning some of the software we use during this training. But it doesn’t stop there! After you complete your home instruction, you’ll take part in five days of classroom training, at our beautiful Sacramento Valley corporate location, where you’ll learn everything you need know about the day-to-day operations of your boutique, including buying merchandise, managing your store and its inventory, delivering first-rate customer service, and marketing your boutique, among other important topics. You’ll also get to spend one of those days on a field trip to the Los Angeles Fashion District, where you’ll visit with our on-site buyer and meet some key suppliers, for a big-picture introduction to our exciting fast-fashion industry.

After that, we’ll help you find, lease, and build out the perfect location for your new clothing boutique, and help you design its interior so that it reflects who you are and your unique aesthetic sense. We take your pre-opening training and support seriously, because we know how vital they are to preparing you for success.

How to Open Your Own Retail Clothing Store

When it comes to how to open your own retail clothing store with us, we don’t just walk away once your boutique doors open; we make sure to thoroughly support you after you begin your career as a boutique owner. That means we’ll help you craft and execute targeted marketing campaigns to reach your best customers, conduct monthly networking phone chats with you to go over aspects like merchandising, social media, best sellers, and more, and keep you up-to-date on the latest trends via online webinars and an annual learning conference. We know a franchise brand is only as successful as each of its franchisees, and that means we’re behind you every step of the way. Our commitment to our franchise partners has allowed us to grow to over 75 boutique locations across the country, and we look forward to growing that number in the years ahead.

If you’d like to learn more about how to open your own retail clothing store with us, reach out today!

  • January 20, 2020
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invest in a clothing franchise

What Does Your Apricot Lane Investment Look Like and What Does It Get you?

Choosing to start your small business as a franchise owner is one of the very best ways to become your own boss. When you invest in a clothing franchise with Apricot Lane, you gain access to all kinds of benefits that you wouldn’t otherwise have if you started your boutique from scratch. A time-tested business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support are just some of the perks you’ll enjoy when you invest with us. Here, we’ll take a closer look at what that investment looks like, and more importantly, what it gets you.

Your Franchise Fee

As a requirement of doing business under a brand name, all franchisors charge a one-time franchise fee, and when you invest in a clothing franchise with Apricot Lane, that fee is $34,500 for your first boutique location, and $15,000 for each additional store you’d like to open. This money pays for your initial training, both at home and on-site, as well as our proprietary logos and resources, and our time-tested business model that’ll help you navigate the day-to-day operations of your beautiful new store. It’ll also get you access to our proprietary operations manual and a treasure trove of marketing and advertising materials that’ll help you market your business to your best customer. These materials are paid for in part by a 1% monthly advertisement development fee. You’ll also be responsible for a bi-monthly royalty fee of 5.5% of your gross sales.

In total, typical start-up costs for an Apricot Lane store run around $150,000, exclusive of working capital. Keep in mind, that number could vary, depending on the size and location of your boutique. We’re proud of these numbers because we know what they get you, and because we know when it’s all said and done, we’re one of the most affordable franchise opportunities out there.

Ongoing Support

At Apricot Lane, we never stop learning, and we make sure to pass on our knowledge to you! For as long as you are part of the Apricot Lane family, you’ll have access to the continuing support and education that comes with the Apricot Lane franchise cost. You’ll work with the very best and latest in technology and support systems, and take part in the monthly conference calls we hold with all our stores. During these calls, we cover buying, best sellers, marketing, social media, and operations, among many other important subjects. You can also count on us to help you with:

  • Visual merchandising — to help you set your store up beautifully
  • Hiring staff — so the right people are there to help you succeed
  • Bookkeeping — so your records stay organized and at your fingertips
  • Technology — so you’re always on the cutting edge

These are just a few of the benefits and rewards you’ll enjoy when you invest in a clothing franchise with Apricot Lane. We’re committed to the success of our franchisees because we know it’s what sets us apart from all the other retail franchise opportunities out there, and because our continued good reputation depends on it. Apricot Lane is extremely proud to be recognized as a leader in the fashion industry, and when you invest in your own Apricot Lane Boutique, you’ll be recognized as one, too!

To find out more about how to invest in a clothing franchise with us, get in touch today!

  • January 13, 2020
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open an apparel franchise

What Are the Steps to Opening an Apricot Lane Boutique?

There is perhaps no better feeling in the world than knowing you can take a passion for something and turn it into a profession. We’ve been watching franchisee after franchisee do just that — turn their passion for fashion into exciting careers — and if you’d like to do the same and open an apparel franchise, you’ll be happy to know Apricot Lane makes that process easier than you might think. Becoming an Apricot Lane boutique owner is a straightforward and transparent journey, making it simple for qualified individuals to become part of our brand family. Let’s take a brief look at the steps, here.

Give Us a Call

The first step you’ll take to open an apparel franchise with Apricot Lane is to give us a call and speak with our Franchise Development Ambassador. During this introductory call, we’ll go over the initial investment, general store operations, and support resources available to all our franchisees, and generally just get to know each other a bit better. We’ll want to make sure you’re a good fit for our opportunity, so we’ll ask you some questions about your goals and background, and will make sure to answer any questions you might have about how to open an apparel franchise with us. Soon after this initial call, you’ll receive a series of informative emails that will reinforce our discussion and provide you with additional information on subjects such as training, location, store features, bookkeeping, and much more.

Submit Your Request

The next step is to complete and return our Request for Consideration financial application that you’ll find at the bottom of each of our informative emails. We’ll need to make sure you have the resources to open one of our boutiques, and once we’ve established that, you’ll speak with our founder, Ken Petersen. Ken has decades of experience in the franchise world, and he’ll share some of that knowledge with you during this important call. He’ll also make sure to answer any questions you might still how to open an apparel franchise with Apricot Lane.

Look Forward to Our Visit

At this point, we’re probably all pretty excited to meet, so we’ll do just that! We’ll come out to visit you, in your market, at our own expense, sending our real estate expert, or our president of retail, or even Ken himself.  While there, we’ll research location opportunities and schedule appointments with leasing agents, touring properties together and helping you narrow down your choices. When it comes to starting your small business out on the right foot, we know that location is everything, so we’ll help you find the best one that will allow you to make the most of your market and its demographics.

Open an Apparel Franchise!

Once this visit has been completed, we’ll meet internally to review everything we’ve learned about you and your market and, if we believe the fit is right, we’ll award you your franchise. Welcome to the Apricot Lane family! Now you’ll spend 120 days training with us and will begin to curate and establish your beautiful boutique, as our experts help you market your new store. In fact, you can rest assured we’ll be there for you every step of the way, before, during, and after your grand opening, because you deserve that commitment, and our good name depends on it.

Ready to open an apparel franchise with Apricot Lane? Get in touch today!

  • January 7, 2020
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