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Already Have a Fulfilling Career? Here’s 3 Reasons to Still Consider Clothing Franchise Opportunities

There’s a huge difference between picking styles for yourself and choosing fashion for an employer. When you work for a brand, big or small, you can’t let your creativity flow. You view fashion through the lens of the brand whether or not it agrees with your personal tastes. Running your own Apricot Lane boutique is a great way to change up your professional life, let your creativity flow free, and recharge your life. There are many reasons why you should look into clothing franchise opportunities to give your work life the boost it deserves.

Working with a Beloved Brand

People love Apricot Lane. When it comes to clothing franchise opportunities there are few better than Apricot Lane because we are a company that prides ourselves on doing things the right way from top to bottom. From making sure our clothes are made ethically to aiding our franchisees in getting their clothing businesses off the ground to offering our customers the trendiest fashion around, we hold ourselves, and our brand, to the highest standard.

As a result, people expect quality when they hear the Apricot Lane name. We work with vendors in LA’s fashion district to ensure that we offer the best products each and every week and change product regularly to keep things fresh. Thanks to the constant turnover, you can let your imagination run free and pick the styles you want to feature on the shelves of your franchise.

clothing franchise opportunities

Affordable Clothing Franchise Opportunities

One of the potential barriers that holds prospects back from opening a franchise is what they believe to be high initial costs. Franchising with Apricot Lane is much more reasonable than you think. Our franchise fee is $34, 500, and your total initial investment is also franchisee-friendly. In other words, there’s no need to be a millionaire here. Instead, we’re interested in motivated people looking to find something they can build, operate, and passionately call their own.

In addition to being affordable, our franchise concept is flexible. We offer a turnkey design that can fit any location. We currently have available territories in all 50 states. So whether you’re in San Francisco, Fargo, Albany, or Orlando, there is a location for you and your franchise.

We Have Your Back Every Day

Being a good franchisor means being there for your franchisees. The whole team at Apricot Lane is dedicated to making sure you have the tools necessary to put you in the position to turn your clothing franchise opportunities into a successful franchise for many years to come. That means we offer training and support for you, your franchise, and your staff beginning with the day you first reach out to us.

Our support comes in a myriad of ways: from teaching you the basics of how to run a franchise to scouting for – and closing on – a location all the way through opening day and beyond. Even after you’ve opened, we offer help with bookkeeping services, and bring you to apparel shows and other industry events that will help you continue your education as an Apricot Lane Boutique owner.

To learn more about clothing franchise opportunities with Apricot Lane, and to begin your journey toward owning your own business, reach out to us today.

  • October 4, 2018
  • Blog

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