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3 Rising Trends in the Apparel Industry

At Apricot Lane, we’ve known for a long time that quality and value should go hand in hand, and it’s a cornerstone of our business philosophy. It’s what separates us from a lot of other leading fashion franchise brands. But a recent survey by the International Council of Shopping Centers has highlighted some interesting trends in the apparel industry that reiterate what we and our franchisees have known all along! Let’s take a look at three of them.

On-Trend Inventory That Changes Regularly

Consumers don’t want to shop clothing boutiques that carry the same old styles that can be found in other stores. They want variety, they want choices, and they want the latest styles that they see in magazines and online. And they want it yesterday!

At Apricot Lane, our buyers are always up-to-date on what big-name designers are showing so that our franchisees can offer customers similar styles at competitive prices. Thanks to our contacts in L.A.’s Fashion District and the apparel industry in general, our owners are uniquely able to stock their store with the latest fashions at prices that customers love. Many of our store owners manage their own purchases, so they have new products arriving every day! And because every Apricot Lane store is independently owned and operated, each location is a unique reflection of its owner and the community.

An In-Store Experience That Takes Care of Customers

Shoppers want to discover inventory that is exciting and fresh without feeling smothered or overwhelmed by a sales team. At the same time, they want to feel taken care of. How do we accomplish that? Every one of our Apricot Lane sales associates is, first and foremost, an ambassador of the brand who knows the importance of building a long-term relationship with each and every customer. That means learning what styles she appreciates, what colors she gravitates to, and what questions she might have. If a customer can’t find what she’s looking for, or she’s not sure about what she wants, our associates can make educated suggestions that reflect a thorough knowledge of the apparel industry. In short, we make sure shopping at Apricot Lane is always as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, which means our associates are there when shoppers need them and helping others when they don’t.

High Quality Without High Cost

Today’s boutique shopper loves a good buy, but she doesn’t want to feel like she’s sacrificing quality for it. At Apricot Lane, we’re always working to network with new vendors and strengthen our relationships with existing partners to ensure that value remains a key selling point in our stores. Our high-quality merchandise at realistic prices is what sets us apart! And because store owners choose their inventory from dozens and dozens of lines, it could guarantee that customers will find the dress they love, the shoes they can’t live without, or that perfect little gift, all at price points that add up to smart shopping.

If you’d like to be part of the exciting apparel industry, and want to learn more about how Apricot Lane is ahead of the curve,get in touch with us today!

  • January 29, 2019
  • Blog

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