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3 Skills Needed to Work in the Retail Franchise Industry

As you think about the skills you need to work in the retail franchise industry, you need to think about two sides of it: the business and the customers. Ultimately, customers are the lifeblood of retail, whether you are running a clothing franchise or a jewelry franchise (or both!).

As a business owner, every move you make has implications for your business as a whole as well as your customers, so think about the ways that your skills apply to both sides of the industry.

#1 Attention to Detail in Your Jewelry Franchise

Detail-oriented people make excellent business owners and customer experience providers. Paying attention to detail allows you to focus on the little things without losing sight of the big picture.

Business Side

The details can make or break your career as a business owner, especially in the retail industry. Owning a clothing and jewelry franchise means that you need to balance your inventory, employee schedules, monthly revenue, and so much more. An eye for detail and a well-organized mind are essential to keep track of all the moving parts of a business.

Customer Side

Helping customers requires that you be able to focus on a handful of things at the same time. Counting accurate change, keeping displays neat, and giving good customer service all require that you pay attention to the details. An eye for the details helps you improve sales and market to the people who shop at your store.

#2 Communication

Being able to communicate clearly and efficiently is an important skill in virtually any career, especially retail. Good communication includes speaking clearly and listening well to your business contacts and customers alike.

Business Side

The owner of a clothing and jewelry franchise has to create relationships with a wide variety of people, and communication is essential for that. As owner, you will communicate with your employees, buyers, fellow franchisees, and the franchise’s corporate personnel. Listening to feedback and taking direction are important for your personal growth. Even more importantly, communication is integral to quality management; you can solve employee spats and customer concerns by listening to their concerns and speaking with authority and candor.

Customer Side

In order to help your customers as they shop in your store, you need to listen to their needs. Paying attention to your customers’ requests is the first rule of customer service. Even better, by listening to your customers, you can more effectively find what they need and increase your sales.

In addition, being able to communicate well is how you solve customer problems. When a customer comes to you with a complaint, the first thing to do is listen. Hearing out your customers when they are upset goes a long way to making them happy. Then, once you have listened, you can solve the problem and show the customer that you are putting them first.

#3 Eye for Style

When it comes to style some people have it and others don’t. In a clothing or jewelry franchise, an eye for style is an absolute must.

Business Side

Because retail is a highly creative industry, a sense of style will help you with your inventory. The owner of a retail franchise is responsible for purchasing inventory, displaying clothing and accessories in an appealing way, and keeping up with the trends. If you do not have an eye for design or style, you can hire someone to help with this part of the business; however, it is easier if you can handle the inventory and displays yourself, especially when you first open.

Customer Side

Selling clothing and accessories to customers is easier if you can put together stylish pairings and outfits. Shoppers often come to retail workers for help creating outfits, or to find that one piece that will complete a look. An eye for style will make it easier for you to help your customers find the perfect outfit.

If you have these skills and you are ready to put them to good use, it’s time to start thinking about investing in an Apricot Lane franchise. Contact us to learn more about our opportunity and what we can offer you!

  • June 5, 2017
  • Blog

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