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3 Things to Look for in a Women’s Clothing Franchise Location

Choosing the perfect location for your women’s clothing franchise is of the utmost importance. Every aspect of the space should ooze excitement and immediately call your name. Location choice is pivotal in opening a successful women’s clothing franchise, so getting it right is imperative. The Apricot Lane team will walk you through the entire process.

You Aren’t Bound By Where You Live

Apricot Lane is headquartered in beautiful central California, but that doesn’t mean that we are exclusively a West Coast company. Apricot Lane has many available territories across the United States. No matter if you’re in Billings or Boston, Miami or Seattle, there are territories available for you and your potential women’s clothing franchise.

Stylish women live in cities and towns from coast to coast. Providing quality, seasonal fashion for busy cities, quiet suburbs, and everything in between is what helps set Apricot Lane apart for a crowded field of women’s clothing franchises.

Own More Than One Women’s Clothing Franchise

A great facet of franchising with Apricot Lane is that we don’t limit you in your franchise ownership. Own one store and looking for more? We will work with you to help you become a multi-unit franchise owner. Whether that means purchasing current franchises for sale or laying the groundwork for building new women’s clothing franchises from the ground up, we will be there for you to help you along the path to becoming the multi-unit franchise owner that you want to be.

When it comes to location, the advantage of being a multi-unit owner is that you can use the knowledge you gained from opening your first store and apply it to your subsequent franchise investments. You can tailor your location search to find the perfect spot for your new franchises.

Who Are Your Neighbors?

Apricot Lane sells stylish, fashionable clothes, but we also sell an experience. We want shoppers that walk through the front door of your women’s clothing franchise to feel relaxed by the store’s atmosphere and also excited to be there perusing all the newest, in-season fashion.

A big part of building that feeling is having a store that is in a location that makes people comfortable even before they walk in the door. Keep in mind what other businesses and establishments are around your preferred location. Yes, you may find the perfect space but an abandoned warehouse three doors down may steer people away from your women’s clothing franchise. Malls, urban centers, and places that generally get higher populations of foot traffic are usually some of the best locations for a women’s clothing franchise.

Our team will help you throughout the process to make sure that you work to get yourself the perfect location for your store.

To learn about how to find the perfect location for your Apricot Lane women’s clothing franchise reach out to us today.

  • November 20, 2018
  • Blog

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