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3 Ways to Let Your Creativity Shine as a Franchisee

As a creative person, you are excited about the prospect being a franchise owner. And what’s not to be excited about? You get to call the shots, take charge of your future, and enjoy the independence of being the boss, all with the support of an experienced brand.

Sometimes people who are considering franchising worry that they won’t be able to express their creativity because everything is already determined by the franchisor. That is simply not true! Here are 3 ways to let your creativity shine as a franchisee.

#1 Choose a Creative Franchise Boutique Brand

First things first: When you choose a brand to invest in, make sure to select a brand that is already creative or in a creative industry. Fashion, for example, is a way that many people express themselves, so choosing a brand in the fashion industry already sets you up to be creative. A franchise boutique is a great option to use clothing and fashion to express your creativity.

For example, a franchise boutique that lets you make key product decisions also lets you express your creativity. Choosing inventory and creating displays showcase your talents and personality. The best part? As a franchise owner, you will have the freedom to make these decisions! Compare this with working in a traditional retail store, where a corporate office chooses merchandise, sends it to you, and creates displays that you have to follow.

#2 Find a Brand That Listens to You

All too often, franchisors pay little personal attention to their franchisees. Either because the brand is too big or because they don’t care, these companies do not make the time to listen to their franchisees. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you have chosen a brand that listens to its franchisees.

A brand can show you that it cares in a variety of ways. Meeting with high ranking members of the team shows that the brand prioritizes franchisees. You should also be given every opportunity to ask questions and learn about what makes the company tick, so that you can make an educated decision on your investment. They should be concerned about finding a good fit with all their franchisees.

Invest in a brand that proves that it is ready to listen to you. A brand that listens to its franchisees is more open to your creative ideas.

#3 Think About Your Customers

As the owner of your franchise, you know your customers better than anyone. As you get to know your customers, cater to them in creative ways to keep your business profitable. The list of rules and operational best practices were designed by the home office to make your franchise run smoothly, so these always need to be taken into account. But you will be surprised at the unique ways you can care for your customers.

Here are a few ideas to cater a franchise boutique to your local market:

  • Consider the climate and seasons
  • Hold an event
  • Get active on social media
  • Partner with other local businesses

These are all things that consumers love to see in local businesses. Being active with your customers and community helps you build a valuable rapport with them.

Apricot Lane is a franchise boutique that believes in letting our franchisees express themselves. Creativity is key in the Apricot Lane franchise family, so join us and let your creativity shine.

  • May 5, 2017
  • Blog

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