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4 Apricot Lane Resources Designed to Make Starting a Franchise Easy

Apricot Lane’s 25 years of experience equips us to help our franchisees get off on the right foot. Starting a franchise is a lot of work, but Apricot Lane has the resources that make the process go a little bit more smoothly. Check out four of these resources below.

Resources for Starting a Franchise


It all starts with finding the right location. In the retail world, location is everything, so we take this process very seriously. First, our corporate real estate team searches for suitable locations in your market, scheduling appointments to visit the most promising ones. Next, a senior member of our franchising team flies out to you to spend the day touring sites and getting to know you. Finally, once we have chosen the right site, we start the buildout and design process with the help of our construction management specialist.

Hands-On Support

At Apricot Lane, we know that our franchisees are the most important asset we have, so we strive to provide hands-on support to help each owner reach their full potential. During the construction phase, we will schedule weekly calls with you to make sure that you are on the right path. After that, we are always available on Facetime, so if you need help or inspiration, we are just a phone call away. On top of everything else, we will conduct site visits any time at your request, so you can always count on us.

Merchandise Plan

As a retail clothing franchise, one of your top priorities is to manage your merchandise in such a way that helps you sell it. Before you open for business, we help you get started with your inventory. We set you up with a sample inventory, as well as some guidelines for the types of things you will sell in your store. Beyond that, you have the freedom to choose styles that your customers will love.

There is more to managing your merchandise than simply bringing in inventory that your customers want to buy, although that is very important. You also need to put thought into the appearance of your visual displays, which is why we have an excellent merchandising manual. Even better, we have a staff visual merchandiser who is always available on Facetime to help you make your displays beautiful.


Nothing makes starting a franchise easier than technology, and Apricot Lane uses some of the top technology available. Here are some of our technology highlights:

  • Customer Service Module—Train your employees on our customer service best practices and policies with our videos and virtual development guides. The customer service module makes it easy to learn the best way to reach your customers.
  • Cambeo—Our private intranet is operated by Cambeo Group and it keeps a lot of our valuable information safe for franchisees to access. Whether you are looking for customer surveys, staff assessments, or our operations manuals, Cambeo makes it easy to access these important documents.

Choosing to invest in Apricot Lane is choosing to invest in a strong brand with the expertise to help you build a thriving business. If you’re ready to get started, get in touch with us today!

  • September 6, 2017
  • Blog

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