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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising with Apricot Lane

Before you take the leap and invest in an Apricot Lane franchise, we want to help you prepare and learn everything you can about our opportunity. Before investing in a clothing franchise, you need to understand the investment. That’s why we have added the most frequently asked questions to our site (click here for more FAQs).

Read through these 4 commonly asked questions to learn a little bit more about our opportunity.

#1 What Are Some Funding Options for Investing in a Franchise?

Financing a franchise doesn’t have to be a difficult process. There are a variety of financing options for clothing franchises, and finding one that works for you doesn’t need to be difficult. Some of the financing options that franchisees use include:

  • Savings and retirement accounts
  • Friends and family
  • Small Business Administration loan
  • Traditional loan

At Apricot Lane, we have a preferred lender that we recommend our franchisees use, if that is the route they choose to go. This lender, Guidant Financial, works specifically with franchisees and has the expertise to help you through the process.

#2 What if I want to invest the money and have my child run the business?

The trend of parents investing money in franchises for their children is not dying away. Consultants estimate that as many as 20% of franchise sales fit this mold, as it seems to be working for both parties. An Apricot Lane franchise is the perfect fit for this kind of investment strategy, and we work with our franchisees to find the right balance for them.

#3 Do I Get to Retain My Creativity with the Products I Sell and the Displays I Create?

Clothing, style, and fashion are all incredibly creative, and the typical Apricot Lane investor is a creative person. Because of that, we encourage our franchisees to be expressive using their stores as a continuation of themselves.

We have guidelines in place to give our brand continuity, but outside of these you have freedom to pick the styles you sell and display them as you see fit. As long as you are in keeping with the guidelines you will have a higher chance of success. Remember, we have franchisees all over the country who use these guidelines, and we have found that they are the most efficient way to see your store succeed.

#4 Who Is the Ideal Franchisee Candidate for Clothing Franchises?

The beauty of Apricot Lane is that it is an opportunity that works well with a variety of people in a variety of markets. We have franchisees from all backgrounds and they have been able to succeed with our model and their hard work.

Diversity contributes to our strong company, so we do not limit ourselves to franchise candidates from any one background or work experience. Instead, we look for people with a set of characteristics and personality traits that work well in franchising. Some of these include:

  • Willingness to follow proven systems
  • Passion for hard work
  • Ability to make and meet goals
  • Interest in empowering self and community

Learning about a franchise before you invest is a smart idea. That’s the best way to ensure that you are choosing a smart opportunity, because clothing franchises are not all created equal. Check out the Apricot Lane franchise process, and see how we can make your dream of business ownership come true!

  • July 3, 2017
  • Blog

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