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The 4 Key Things We Cover in Boutique Franchise Training

At Apricot Lane, we take pride in the system we have created that empowers our franchise owners to run their businesses with confidence. Key to that system is our boutique franchise training program, which includes at-home, in-class, and on-site learning. The training covers a broad range of topics, and it is designed to fully prepare you to operate your Apricot Lane franchise.

Check out the six key things that we cover in our training.

Boutique Franchise Inventory

It goes without saying that your inventory is the crucial factor that will keep your store going. Apricot Lane is a unique franchise because we give our franchisees freedom to choose styles to sell, where other clothing stores receive shipments determined by a corporate office. Because you are in charge of buying your products—following the guidelines provided by us—we spend time in training going over best practices and tips. During your classroom training at our headquarters in California, we will even take a field trip to the Los Angeles fashion district where you will meet our buyer and gain a first-hand understanding of the process.

Once you have a handle on the buying process, we will also teach you about managing your inventory properly. Keeping your store full, watching the styles your customers love, and moving the inventory you bring in are critical to the success of your store. During training, you will learn about how to do this with the help of our inventory management software.

Visual Merchandising

The way you display your merchandise has a real impact on the customer experience and your ability to sell the styles you choose. We have a visual merchandising specialist on staff who works closely with our franchisees as they open their stores. You will learn directly from her how to merchandise items to create beautiful displays that customers love, encouraging them to buy.

Store Management

As the owner of a boutique franchise, you will need to be able to manage your store. That means handling schedules, hiring and training employees, managing the back office, and so much more. Lucky for you, we have software and tools to make all of these things simpler for you. Our company intranet is full of resources that help you with everything from training to troubleshooting. In addition, we partner with a bookkeeping company that manages your books for you, freeing up your time to spend on other issues.


Attracting customers to your store requires a multi-faceted approach to marketing on local channels and beyond. We are marketing experts, and we devote a lot of time in training to teach you some of the strategies we use to draw customers to your store. In addition, we have ongoing marketing resources that will assist you in your local efforts, so there is no need to worry if you are not a marketing expert.

The Apricot Lane franchise opportunity is unique in every way: We give our customers the training to empower them to make smart decisions for their stores. Download our guide to learn about the Apricot Lane Franchise Opportunity by the Numbers.

  • September 20, 2017
  • Blog

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