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4 Myths about Franchising in Fashion Clothing Stores

As you learn more about investing in a franchise, you will probably come across several myths that are prevalent in the industry. These myths can be discouraging, keeping you from following your dreams to be a business owner. We are here to dispel some of the common myths about franchising in fashion clothing stores, and set the record straight on owning a business in this exciting industry.

Myth # 1: Corporate Chooses All the Clothing Styles

We get it. Most of our franchisees are stylish, confident women with an eye for merchandise that other stylish women will want to buy, and they worry that working with a franchise will stifle their personal style. In some fashion clothing store franchises, it is true that corporate chooses all the merchandise that is for sale, so each franchise sells the same clothing styles and accessories.

Other franchise opportunities, however, allow their franchise owners to call the shots and choose the styles for sale (for example, Apricot Lane Boutique), to get a unique feeling in each and every store. When you own a fashion-clothing store, you can take pride in hand selecting fine merchandise from the designers with whom the company has relationships. You know your market and your community better than anyone at a corporate office, so it makes sense that you choose the apparel and accessories that you sell.

Don’t want to choose all the styles for sale? Fashion boutique franchises typically have resources at your disposal to help you choose the merchandise that will fit together and work well in your store, including style experts and other franchise owners. Apricot Lane works with buyers out of Los Angeles and some of the biggest fashion trade shows in the nation to find styles that are fresh off the runway, so you will never have trouble choosing what to sell in your store.

Myth #2: Fashion Clothing Stores Franchises Do Not See a Big ROI

It is common for people to think that fashion clothing stores require a big upfront investment and do not see a high return. How this myth continues is a mystery, because the clothing, apparel, and accessories industries ring-up billions in gross sales each year across the world.

Worldwide, women’s wear surpassed $614 billion in annual revenue in 2014, and the American market is key to those sales. Americans spend more than consumers in any other country, spending an average of $2,000 per household each year on clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Sales in fashion clothing stores have real potential to make an investment in a franchise well worth it. Choosing a franchise that has a good online presence is also important, as consumers are shopping online now more than ever. If your customers can order from your store online as well as in person, you have a much higher chance of earning their repeat business.


Myth #3: Franchise Owners Must Have Previous Business Owner Experience

We won’t sugar coat it for you: owning a fashion-clothing store is quite a bit of work. Many people think that they will not be eligible to own a fashion franchise if they have never owned a business before, but this is simply not true.

The great thing about investing in a franchise is that they train you on all aspects of the business, so you will be fully prepared to operate your business on your own by the time it opens. Franchises have all the resources that new owners need to get started, saving you the work of coming up with the nuts and bolts of starting a business. A franchise already has operations, training, products, policies, and more in place, so you can spend the time to learn the system without starting from scratch.

Myth #4: Corporate Rules Take Away Creativity

This myth is related to Myth #1, but it applies to more than just the merchandise. There is a lot of creativity involved in owning a business, whether you are trying a new marketing technique or promotion.

It is true that franchises have ironed out a lot of the wrinkles of owning a business, and they have processes and programs in place because they have been proven to work; however, there is still room for creativity within your store and your market, where you make the decisions. Don’t forget to check with the home office before you go off book.

Apricot Lane offers a fashion clothing store franchise opportunity to hard-working, business-minded people all over the country. If you want to learn more about our franchise opportunity, contact us! We will walk you through what it takes to get started.

  • March 24, 2017
  • Blog

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