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4 Perks of Clothing Franchise Business Opportunities

When considering becoming a franchisee, an endless number of industries present themselves as options. In your research and discovery process, you want to choose one with substantial upside, minimal risk, and plenty of freedom for innovation and personalization. Boutique clothing franchise business opportunities allow franchisees to enter an immensely profitable, ever-evolving space. Apricot Lane educates franchisees in our proven business model, and encourages them to introduce their personal flair to truly make the business their own.

The Boutique Advantage for Clothing Franchise Business Opportunities

The best part of entering the boutique fashion world is the freedom that comes with it. Those who have had careers at luxury fashion companies, or in corporate retail, know what it feels like to operate with constant overhead, and limited room to determine your own business practices. A boutique clothing franchise is a special business opportunity, as it not only lets you work within an exciting, ever-changing industry, but also gives you a sense of agency and control. At Apricot Lane, we pride ourselves on being among the most empowering clothing franchise business opportunities. We want our franchisees to inject their own personal style and eye for fashion into their franchise.

A Seasoned Brand

Like any consumer researching a product, you want to make sure you’re investing in a franchise that works. Our 23 years of success speaks for itself. Apricot Lane has been ranked on Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of top 500 franchises ever year from 2009 to 2017. We have been perfecting our franchise model since our inception, and new franchisees should expect a smooth, informative educational and training process upon joining us.

We make sure your investment is put to quick use, covering all training and support from our franchise team, use of our brand name, access to buyers, and our in-house marketing team. We want you to have all the tools you need to be successful from the day you open your doors.

Industry Growth and Security

The timing couldn’t be better to enter the boutique fast fashion retail space. Apricot Lane and other fast fashion retailers are filling a key gap in the market, featuring the trendiest clothes as soon as they appear on the runway.

The clothing industry is expected to grow by as much as 17.2 percent by 2020. Throughout the entire retail industry, apparel is the biggest and most profitable sector. In 2013 women’s apparel sales were a staggering $116.4 billion, and that number is only getting larger. According to stats compiled by Hitwise, the fast fashion industry, in particular, has grown 21 percent over the past three years, and is expected to grow an additional 5.91 percent per year for the next three. Prospective franchisees should always look to enter an industry at its peak, when opportunities are plentiful. The recent explosion of fast fashion makes this the ideal time to pursue a clothing franchise business opportunity.

Learn more about our process, and speak with us to hear all about what it takes to be an Apricot Lane franchisee.

  • October 18, 2017
  • Blog

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