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Convert Your Sales and Management Experience into a Franchising Career

After years or even decades of working in a corporate environment, the decision to branch out and work for yourself can be daunting. If you have never owned a business before, how do you know if your skills make you a good candidate for owning a franchise and building a strong business?

Rest assured that most franchise opportunities do not require you to have previous business owning experience. In fact, many franchise brands place higher value on skills like sales and management than they do on business ownership, so you can easily turn a sales or management background into a thriving franchise.

Franchise Opportunities Abound in Sales

If you have sales experience, you are a hot commodity. Sales experience and skill is one of the most sought-after traits for franchisees in a variety of industries. For example, starting a clothing franchise will benefit from sales experience, as you will already have the know-how to sell clothing to your customers.

Clothing franchises are one of many industries in which your sales experience will be a benefit. Sales experience is invaluable, and this skill translates into so many aspects of owning your own business.

Here are just some of the reasons why franchisors look for people with sales experience to invest in their franchises:

  1. Sales is a difficult skill to teach to someone, especially in the relatively short time frame that it takes to open a franchise. Computer systems, bookkeeping software, and other operational skills that make up the nuts and bolts of a franchise are easy to teach, in comparison.
  2. Sales is involved in many aspects of most franchise opportunities. For example, owning a clothing franchise will require you to sell clothes to your customers, but you also need to be able to market your company to prospective employees, network with other businesses, and bring in a customer base. All of these skills relate back to sales in some way or another, so your experience helps you.
  3. Sales is not everyone’s biggest strength, but those who are good at selling also tend to have some other things in common, namely: a positive attitude, high energy, and enthusiasm for what they do. These are all great attributes for new franchisees, who face a lot of work in building their businesses. In addition, people with these traits are generally good at training and motivating their employees (which plays into your management experience).
  4. Sales is a skill that you learn through hard work and practice, setting goals, and staying persistent. Taking the time to learn how to sell effectively usually demonstrates that you are willing to work hard, stick to your goals, and persist when things get tough. We don’t want to sugar coat it, opening a franchise is a lot of hard work, so your willingness to focus on the big picture and put in the time to see results goes a long way.

Good Management Is Invaluable in a Franchising Career

Many of the qualities of a good sales person also apply to good managers. A willingness to work hard, a positive attitude, and an ability to see things through go a long way in both sales and management, and these traits convert well to franchise ownership.

As a business owner, you will be wearing many hats all at once. Some of your roles will probably include:

  • Trainer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Manager
  • Salesperson
  • Marketer
  • Merchandiser
  • Customer relationship builder
  • Human resources manager

Why Do Franchisors Want Management Experience?

  1. The most obvious reason why franchisors look for candidates with management experience is that they are going to be managing a team of employees. Having experience managing a team makes the transition into franchise ownership easier, because you won’t have to take the time to develop a management style in addition to everything else you are learning about owning your business.
  2. Good management skills also extend to managing your time and your resources, not just employees. Your experience is usually an indicator that you are organized and thorough, which help you as you balance the many roles of a business owner.

Investing in a Clothing Franchise Fits Sales and Marketing to a Tee (pun intended!)

It is a no-brainer that a clothing franchise is a good fit for someone with sales and management experience. Selling clothes, marketing to new customers, managing employees, and balancing budgets are all key elements of the clothing franchise industry.

Your experience in sales and marketing makes you an asset to virtually any franchise concept. A positive attitude, readiness to work hard and accomplish goals, and an organized mind work together to make the ideal candidate for an Apricot Lane franchise. We are looking for people like you to help us expand our brand in a variety of markets. Check out our franchise opportunity and get started right away!

  • March 3, 2017
  • Blog

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