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Franchise Opportunity from Beginning to End: Learn the Steps to Get Started

Before you can become a franchise owner, you will go through a series of steps to ensure that you are a good fit for Apricot Lane. Because we have carefully crafted our steps with our franchisees across the nation, following these steps will help you build a strong business.

This blog is an introduction to Apricot Lane’s proven steps for our franchisees. For the complete list and description of our steps, visit our website.

Franchise Opportunity Steps

Step One: Introductory Call

For the first step in our process, we will schedule an introductory call with our Franchise Development Ambassador. During this call, you will learn valuable information about your investment, our operations, franchisee resources, and more.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to ask questions about the process, the franchise opportunity, and our brand. Don’t be afraid to show the ambassador your personality! This is our first chance to get to know you, and we want to know what makes you you.

Step Two: Learn from Our Email Series

Now that you have wowed us in your introductory call, it is time to “Believe.” Believe is the name of our informational email series that we send to our franchise candidates. The Believe email series is quite thorough, with information about everything from training to media to managing inventory, so plan to spend some time reading.

The information contained in Believe is invaluable to you before you get started, as it is the first step in getting you ready to own your franchise.

Step Three: Apply

When you have read through the Believe emails, you should know enough about our franchise opportunity to want to apply. Our financial application is linked at the end of each of the Believe emails, so finding and filling it out is easy.

Step Four: Chat with Our Founder

At Apricot Lane, we take a personal interest in each of our franchisees. That is obvious in our support resources, meticulous operations systems, and outstanding teams at every level. Before you even become a franchise owner, our founder and CEO, Ken Petersen, proves just how much your business matters by scheduling a one on one call with you.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity that few other franchises offer. Ask questions, get to know Ken, and learn from his 25 years in franchising.

Step Five: Complete Your DISC Profile

A DISC profile is a valuable tool that we use to learn about each of our franchisees and store managers. The software generates a report that goes to you and to us, so that we can discuss the results together. We have fun learning about our franchisees and how they think the DISC profile represents them.

Step Six: Validation

At this point in the process, you have spent considerable time learning about us, our systems, our support, and our brand. The validation process is when you visit with our existing franchisees to learn how we put our resources to use.

Spoiler alert! Our franchisees will tell you just how much they value our support and proven systems. Be prepared to be blown away.

Step Seven: Visit Your Market

Because we believe in taking a personal interest in each franchisee, we personally visit ever market before we put a franchise there. Finding the right location is essential for you to make our franchise opportunity work, which is why we visit your market. We want to see potential locations with you, so we will set up appointments with leasing reps in your area.

Step Eight: Franchise Award

Fit is important in retail, and we take fit very seriously at Apricot Lane. Once we have learned about you and your market—and determined that you are a good fit for us—we will award you a franchise. At this time, you will pay the open license fee of $5K, and communicate your serious interest with prospective landlords.

Step Nine: Find the Right Site

Choosing a location for your boutique is so important that we complete site-specific studies to make sure you choose the right one. Using what we learned when we were visiting your market, we analyze the site and predict estimated sales.

Step Ten: Join the Team!

This is the most exciting part of the franchise process: joining the team! At this point, you will work with a project coordinator who will develop a countdown chart to help you get started. This countdown chart is like a roadmap to opening your franchise, including every detail that you need to know to open for business.

Want to learn more about the complete process of investing in a franchise opportunity? Download our ebook!

  • April 28, 2017
  • Blog

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