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Capture the Gen-Z Shopper: Why These Young People Love Apricot Lane!

It might surprise you to learn that more than 80% of young people born between 1995 and 2015 — commonly referred to as Gen Z — say they like to shop at brick and mortar stores, as compared to shopping online. It’s true. A vast majority of these young people prefer shopping at local retailers that offer personalized service — like the more than 75 Apricot Lane boutique locations across the United States. And that means, when you invest in our fashion franchise opportunity, you’ll be the owner of a business that caters to the Gen Z demographic. Let’s take a closer look at how Apricot Lane capitalizes on that market, making it a leader among franchises for Gen Z shoppers.

Gen Z Shoppers Are Value Conscious

Gen Z shoppers pay attention to quality and place a premium on it, but they are also value-conscious. And that’s one of the reasons why they love to shop at Apricot Lane boutiques across the country — because at our beautiful shops, they know they can get both. Our on-trend and classic lines of clothing and accessories reflect what’s being seen on runways across the globe in real time, which means our Gen Z customers can fall in love with a look they see online or in fashion magazines and know they can find those styles at Apricot Lane. Best of all, Gen Z shoppers know when they shop with us, they won’t have to pay hefty designer prices. Our clothing and accessories are made to look good and last, making us a first choice among franchises for gen-z shoppers — and shoppers of all ages!

Gen Z Shoppers Want to Disconnect from Technology

Gen Z shoppers are the first generation to be born and raised in the digital age, but instead of embracing that technology, a majority of them want to actually disconnect from it, and they use shopping at brick and mortar stores as their way of doing so. Gen Z-ers often feel overwhelmed by social media and want to cut their time spent on it by shopping at boutiques like ours. Our stores feature friendly and knowledgeable sales associates who know how to help Gen Z shoppers find what they love in the way of the latest fashion looks, and are always available to share tips or suggestions. It’s this kind of personal attention that Gen Z shoppers love and that can’t be found online.

Gen Z Shoppers Love a Well-Curated Retail Experience

All our Apricot Lane stores are beautifully-appointed, with warm lighting and gorgeous seasonal colors, and they all embody an atmosphere that’s friendly and relaxed. Gen Z shoppers pay close attention to their surroundings and are especially appreciative of a well-curated retail experience. Each one of our independently owned and operated boutiques features inventory that has been made in limited quantities and that has been uniquely chosen by its owner to reflect the needs of his or her community. That means Gen Z shoppers can visit their local Apricot Lane boutique and know they’re seeing and buying something that can’t be found everywhere.If you’d like to find out more about our fashion franchise opportunity and how it caters to the Gen Z shopper, reach out to us today!

  • November 5, 2019
  • Blog

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