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Franchising Clothing Stores Are a Popular Choice with Entrepreneurs

Three Great Reasons Why Franchising Appeals to the Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Every day, hundreds of people who love fashion decide they want to pursue their passion and start their own clothing business. They’re tired of working for others and tired of not answering to their entrepreneurial spirit! But as determined as they might be, some of those folks don’t want to go it alone, so they think about franchising clothing stores as an option — and for them, Apricot Lane believes that’s a really smart move! We’ve been a favorite of entrepreneurs for over 25 years, and for many good reasons. But let’s take a closer look at three of those reasons, and why many business-minded men and women are drawn to Apricot Lane as their franchise choice.

Ours is a Trusted Business Model

For over 25 years, Apricot Lane has been providing women of all ages with classic and on-trend clothing and accessories at prices they can afford. What started out as a small gift shop in 1991 has blossomed into over 75 franchising clothing stores across the nation, and we’re continuing to grow. What does this mean? It means we’re doing something right! It means our business model is the solid foundation from which every one of our franchisees learns and grows. The Apricot Lane Boutique brand is known and respected for its expansive and high-quality inventory, its broad network of franchisee training and support, and its dedication to empowering women — either through franchise ownership, or by providing them with beautiful, functional, and fun wardrobe pieces that encourage women to be their unique selves.

We’re with You — Every Step of the Way!

When you invest in your very own Apricot Lane Boutique location, you’re not just buying into a brand that women have loved and trusted for over a quarter of a century, you’re also guaranteed the knowledge and support of our teams of experts: industry leaders who can answer your questions, help you make decisions, and train you to be the very best business owner you can be. It starts from the moment you become part of the Apricot Lane family. We’ll help you find and lease the perfect location, provide you with detailed and comprehensive manuals and checklists, schedule weekly conference calls with you before your grand opening, and set you up with the latest in technology so that you’re really ready to do business! And the support doesn’t stop there. After you open your doors, we’ll help you hire the right staff, help you keep your store looking beautiful with advice from our expert visual merchandiser, and help you market your location with our in-house ad agency. It’s all part of our deep commitment: not just to our brand, but the franchisees who truly help define it.

Franchising Clothing Stores — Our Passion for Fashion!

When it’s all said and done, we believe each and every Apricot Lane franchisee is expressing what we like to call a “passion for fashion,” and it’s our passion, too! It shows in the hundreds of lines that make up our brand and from which our franchisees can choose, allowing them to curate a store that is truly a reflection of themselves and their community. It shows in the way we stay on top of the trends and emerging brands that are making news and attracting the attention of women of all ages. Finally, it shows in the way we work with the experts in the Los Angeles Fashion District to find the unique and beautiful pieces our customers love.

If you’re interested in learning more about franchising clothing stores and how you might get involved in the exciting fashion industry, contact us today!


  • May 6, 2019
  • Blog

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