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“Franchising Will Snuff Out My Creativity” and Other Misconceptions

“Franchising Will Snuff Out My Creativity.”

A common myth in franchising—especially among creative people—is that the franchise system will eliminate all individuality and creativity. While it is true that franchisees are required to follow the systems and procedures laid out by the franchisee for general operations, there is still plenty of room to make your own mark on your business.

As a franchisee, you are in charge of personnel, local and regional marketing, and so much more. If you open a women’s fashion franchise like Apricot Lane Boutique, you are also free to choose the styles you carry in your store, the way you display and merchandise products, and sometimes even sales and promotions.

When it comes down to it, most franchisors encourage creativity in their franchisees. For one thing, franchisees are often the source of great ideas—we have all heard that it was a McDonald’s franchisee who invented the Big Mac. Additionally, your success is critical to the greater brand’s success, which motivates the franchisor to allow you to take some risks and try new things.

“The Franchisor Takes All the Profits.”

This common misconception is patently untrue. A franchise that is worth investing in—whether it’s a women’s fashion franchise or an opportunity in any other industry—takes a small percentage as royalties and leaves you with the rest to make your living and pay your overhead. Typical franchise royalties are only 6% of your income; that hardly qualifies as all of the profits.

It is important to remember, too, that one of the reasons to invest in a franchise is to benefit from the support, resources, and experience of the brand. These royalties grant you continued access to things like a company intranet or marketing materials, which make your business run smoothly.

“I’ve Never Owned a Women’s Fashion Franchise Before, So I Don’t Have What It Takes.”

A fear that keeps many people from investigating franchising is that they don’t have experience as a business owner, so they don’t think they have what it takes to own a franchise. It breaks our hearts to think of the talented, hard-working people out there who never gave themselves a chance because this fear is completely unfounded!

Franchising gives an amazing opportunity to unexperienced entrepreneurs, because it allows you to own a business without a lot of the guesswork. Franchises have already done a lot of the work for you, including:

  • Writing operations manuals
  • Choosing a name and products
  • Researching systems and software
  • Testing best practices

All you have to do as a franchisee is learn the system and get to work! The best part? Before you can open for business you will have comprehensive training that shows you the ropes of the brand and the industry, giving you even more knowledge and preparation.

People from a variety of backgrounds do well in franchising. Why? Because the skills you have learned in your life and at your various jobs are transferable. Experience in a corporate world turns into the ability to delegate, manage, market, and sell. Experience in retail turns into amazing customer service skills. Experience as a teacher turns into the ability to communicate well. Transfer your skills into franchise ownership, and we think you’ll be surprised at what you have to offer.

Apricot Lane is a women’s fashion franchise that is currently expanding into territories all over the United States. You can learn more about our opportunity by visiting our website.

  • July 11, 2017
  • Blog

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