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Have a Family to Support? No Problem! We Make Franchising Possible

If you have a family to support, we understand that you might have some reservations about investing in a franchise. How will you afford to support your family? How will you have time to spend with your children? How will you balance your home life with your work life? When you own an Apricot Lane retail clothing franchise, all of that is possible!

Many of our franchisees have families to support. Keep reading to see how they do it!

The Retail Clothing Franchise Opportunity Fills a Need

People always need clothes. OK, maybe need is a strong word, but people are always buying clothes. With changing seasons and updating trends, consumers are buying new clothes regularly. A survey found that there are numerous reasons people shop for clothes. Take a look at the percentage of people who shop for each reason:

  • Sales=80%
  • New Seasons=56%
  • Travel/Vacation=50%
  • Career Events (job interview or conference)=46%
  • Social Events=45%
  • Weddings/Funerals/Reunions=41%
  • Romantic (date or anniversary)=33%
  • Fashion Trends=29%
  • Advertisements=27%
  • Sporting Events=19%
  • Educational Events (back to school)=18%
  • None of the Above=2%

As you can see, many of the people surveyed listed more than one reason for shopping. Even more significant for your Apricot Lane retail clothing franchise, the survey found that women are more likely to shop for most of these reasons than men are. Your Apricot Lane Boutique will carry women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories, so these findings reveal that your shoppers will be coming in for all kinds of occasions.

The more people shop, the more revenue your store generates. Simply put, Apricot Lane attracts customers with our trendy styles, fresh look, and of-the-moment fashion, all for an affordable price. When customers are shopping in store—Nielsen found that more than 80% of shoppers purchase apparel and shoes in brick and mortar stores as opposed to online—that is good news for your business.

Multiple Shopping Avenues

You may have read alarmist headlines about the death of retail in favor of online shopping. While it is true that online shopping is growing, brick and mortar stores are not dying a slow death. At Apricot Lane, we want to stay in front of the changing ways that people shop, so we have not ignored the online shopping space. Many franchise locations have a website where customers can preview styles or order directly.

Being able to cater to customers who shop online puts your store at an advantage. They still get the unique experience of shopping specially curated items with a boutique-like feel, but the convenience of shopping at home.

We Let You Keep Things Flexible

Do you need afternoons off for after school pickup? Are you hoping to be home for dinner and bedtime each night? Have you vowed to be at every soccer game to support your kids?

At times, the prospect of owning a retail clothing franchise may make it seem like these goals are impossible. But at Apricot Lane, we know that our franchisees’ families are important to them, so they are important to us, too. In order to help you meet your family’s needs, we give our franchisees the flexibility they need.

Once your store is built and your staff is trained, you are free to make the schedule that works for you. You are free to be at your store when it works for your family and your lifestyle as long as you have employees and managers who can run things in your absence. That’s the beauty of being the owner: you can make your schedule as flexible as you want.

Apricot Lane takes our franchisees’ work-life balance seriously. We are committed to making sure that our business is the right fit for you and your family. Have questions about how we do it? Get in touch with us!

  • June 12, 2017
  • Blog

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