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How Apricot Lane Wins Customers

Apricot Lane stands out from a crowded field by offering clothing franchise opportunities that other companies simply cannot. From constantly changing styles to in-depth training and support, Apricot Lane has separated itself from the pack. While the retail industry continues to grow, Apricot Lane has stayed ahead of the competition by helping our franchisees develop one-of-a-kind boutique experiences to cater to their local customers.

In the Digital Era, Clothing Franchise Opportunities Still Rule

Many prospective franchisees wonder how the internet will impact any investment they make in a brick and mortar franchise. It’s wise to consider this point, and it’s no secret that some customers enjoy shopping online. However, many people don’t realize that even in the digital era, most customers strongly prefer to purchase their clothing from brick-and-mortar retailers. In fact, 80% of apparel purchases today still happen in traditional stores! When it comes to clothing, people prefer to shop in a channel that allows them to browse, see, touch, and try on. At Apricot Lane, we refresh our inventory on a regular basis — often times every week! That means our customers can look forward to browsing in our store for new finds whenever they’re up for a treasure hunt.

At Apricot Lane, we win customers over by keeping our stores stocked with the latest and greatest runway-inspired trends. However, we also realize the importance of online shopping, which is why we help our franchisees to set up their own online stores. Not only does this make it easy for your customers to shop from your boutique online, it gives them a taste of what they can expect to find at their local Apricot Lane. If you’re looking for clothing franchise opportunities that allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, Apricot Lane might be the right fit for you.

A Luxury Shopping Experience

Apricot Lane wins customers over by providing them with a shopping experience that’s more akin to what they’d find with a luxury brand than a typical store in the mall. One of the drawbacks of “fast fashion” is that even though you might find an item you love, chances are lots of other people in your community will have purchased the same thing!

We stand apart from other clothing franchise opportunities because we’re able to offer communities carefully-selected styles that can’t be found anywhere else. Our franchisees stock their stores with a wide range of styles in limited numbers. What your customers see one week will likely be sold out the next. This helps to ensure that Apricot Lane styles remain unique, and sets a precedent with your customers that they should purchase now – if they wait, it might be gone!

Attention to the Runway

Finally, Apricot Lane wins customers by paying close attention to fashion shows and designers. Our team is always researching the latest trends so that we can offer them to our customers soon after they’re seen on the runway. The Apricot Lane customer loves knowing that they can find similar styles to what they’ve seen in magazines and online right in their local boutique! Not only do we have a strong internal team of buyers and merchandisers, we have a wide network of suppliers that help us to access our inventory at great prices, so we can provide our customers with great deals on the styles they love.

To learn more about Apricot Lane and our clothing franchise opportunities, reach out to us today.

  • November 13, 2018
  • Blog

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