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How Does Apricot Lane Compare to Other Franchising Clothing Stores?

It’s time for a change. You’ve been looking to grow professionally but have yet to find the perfect opportunity to use your skills and build something you can call your own. Enter Apricot Lane Boutique. Atop the pack when it comes to franchise clothing stores, Apricot Lane is an awesome place to spread your wings and let your creativity flow freely as you build a business of which you can be proud.

Providing Excellent Quality in Franchise Clothing Stores

When it comes to fashion, people want to look good, feel good, and feel like they are wearing the hottest trends in-season. Staying stylish means keeping on top of the latest fashion, and Apricot Lane provides the latest types of clothing every season. We do that by communicating with top buyers in the Los Angeles Fashion District to keep our styles changing and our looks fresh.

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Standing Out in a Growing Industry

The specialty retail industry is big. According to IBISWorld, the specialty retail industry is a $40 billion industry that is growing. Fast fashion has changed the game when it comes to fashion apparel, and Apricot Lane is at the front of the curve.

What makes fast fashion and the specialty retail industry so vibrant and strong is its commitment to affordability and quick turnaround. At one of our franchise clothing stores you can be sure that there will be inexpensive, fashionable clothing on the racks every day of the year.

As the women’s apparel industry continues to grow, and as millennials continue to become a larger percentage of the market, fast and stylish fashion is projected to continue to grow.

An Affordable Franchising Model

One thing that holds people back from opening franchise clothing stores is the idea that they need to be incredibly wealthy to do it. That’s not the case with Apricot Lane. Our franchisee fee is a humble $34,500 while the total initial investment to purchase and launch an Apricot Lane franchise is a roughly a reasonable $225,000.

That investment money will cover everything you will need to get your franchise off the ground, including help in finding a store location, inventory, on-site training, merchandising assistance, and help in designing the store itself.

You Never Walk Alone

We treat our franchisees as part of our family at Apricot Lane. From the time you first reach out to us to the day you open your franchise clothing store and beyond, we will be there for you. Our training is comprehensive because we want you to be able to succeed as a business owner and grow your Apricot Lane franchise in your community.

Our program includes 40 hours of online training in your own home before several days of training at our headquarters in California. We also provide training for you and the staff at your franchise clothing store, in your franchise location, before opening, and we offer continuing education for you after you’ve opened. When you make a commitment to Apricot Lane we make the same commitment to you.

To learn more about franchise clothing stores reach out to us today.

  • October 11, 2018
  • Blog

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