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How Much Training Is Needed to Open a Franchise Boutique?

You’re thinking about taking the jump to become a business owner. You’re fashion-conscious and have a great eye for what looks good on someone, and you believe that opening a franchise boutique is the way for you to go and Apricot Lane Boutique is the right franchise for you. That’s wonderful!

The only question left is: What do I need to do to be ready to open a franchise boutique? Lucky for you, the team at Apricot Lane has numerous tools at its disposal to help train you to become an all-star franchisee.

The Right People to Help

Apricot Lane Boutique is run by a team of experts dedicated to fashion, franchising, and helping you grow. Nearly half of our leadership team has a decade or more experience working for the company and knows how to help you and your franchise succeed.

From our CEO to our sale team and everyone in between, we work diligently to work with and for our franchisees to make them feel comfortable during the franchising process and put them on the road to owning the business of their dreams.

Training Every Step of the Way

You don’t become the leading women’s boutique fashion franchise without putting in the work and having systems in place that work time after time. The reason that Apricot Lane continues to find success is because of the diligent training program that puts its franchisees in a great position to find success.

We’ve built our training program over the last 25 years to prepare all our franchisees, regardless of having retail experience or not, with all the tools and knowledge they need to run a franchise boutique.

An All-Encompassing Program

The training process begins once you sign the franchise agreement. The first thing you will do is study and get quizzed on our home training manual. Throughout the program, you’ll do exercises that help reinforce what you are learning.

It only gets better from there as the following step is five days of training at our beautiful headquarters in the Sacramento Valley where you will focus on numerous aspects of being a model franchisee including buying, customer service, and marketing.

That’s followed by several days of training at your franchise boutique’s location. The on-site training will act as a dry run for when you officially open your store. Additionally, we will provide all types of continuing support and education. We take you, your franchise, and learning seriously. We want you to run the best franchise boutique you can.

Don’t Forget the Franchise Boutique Resources

We have an in-depth resource library that will aid and complement the training you do with our leadership team. These resources touch on things like what’s the best location for your franchise boutique and how to hone your eye for good fashion. Along with the multi-faceted training, these resources should put you on the way to running a chic, fun franchise boutique.

To learn more about what it takes to open a franchise boutique with Apricot Lane Boutique, and to see if you are qualified, contact us today for more information.

  • September 4, 2018
  • Blog

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