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Mothers and Daughters Love the Apricot Lane Brand!

Quality time — as parents, we all want it with our children, especially if we’re moms of daughters. These days, many mothers and daughters have more in common with each other than not, and for a lot of them, a favorite way to share quality time is by shopping together. The Apricot Lane boutique franchise investment caters to the love that mothers and daughters have of stylish and on-trend clothing and accessories, and when you partner with us, you’ll quickly realize how your beautiful inventory appeals to multiple generations! In fact, mothers and daughters are some of our best customers, and for some good reasons.

From Runway to Retail — Fast!

It doesn’t matter how old a woman is — 18 or 80 — if she has a passion for fashion, she’s going to want to express her own sense of style and not dress like the rest. Mothers and daughters know that when they shop at their local Apricot Lane boutique, they’ll get to choose from hundreds of stylish, on-trend lines that will allow them to find just the right dress, sweater, blouse, or skirt for any occasion. Mothers will love the classic, tailored pieces we carry for every season; daughters get excited about our trendy denim looks and fashion-forward accessories. Moms and daughters will also be happy about shopping new trends in real time. What do we mean by real time? It means that the look mothers and daughters fall in love with on the runway will be available to them at an Apricot Lane boutique, thanks to our robust relationships with vendors in the Los Angeles fashion district and our attending some of the largest and best fashion trade shows in America. When you make a boutique franchise investment with us, you’ll constantly benefit from fresh and fashionable merchandise that moms and daughters will love wearing — and sharing!

A Boutique Experience

When moms and daughters spend special time together shopping at an Apricot Lane, they love that they can enjoy a true boutique experience. Nothing about our stores feel like warehouse shopping. Moms and daughters will always receive friendly, personalized, and knowledgeable service from fashion consultants who know when to make themselves available and when to step back. This kind of intimate, specialized shopping experience is at the heart of the Apricot Lane brand philosophy. It’s what separates us from mass-market retailers and what will keep your customers coming back to your beautiful store, time after time.

A Unique Boutique Franchise Investment

Today, there are over 75 Apricot Lane boutiques across the country, each one individually owned and operated, and each one curated by their owners to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve. Daughters and moms know this. They know they can visit their local Apricot Lane shop and see the clothes and accessories that they may have personally asked for. Our shop owners are responsive and take to heart the suggestions or requests that come from their best customers. It’s that kind of personalized service that sets us apart from our competitors and what makes shopping at an Apricot Lane boutique a unique and special experience — one moms and daughters won’t soon forget!

If you’d like to learn more about a boutique franchise investment with us, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch today.

  • October 3, 2019
  • Blog

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