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The Boutique Franchise Investment: Big Dream. Sound Investment. Perfect Opportunity.

For entrepreneurs looking for a great business opportunity defined by steady industry growth and a high return on investment, a fashion franchise might be the perfect fit for you. When you make a boutique franchise investment, you’re investing in an industry that’s stronger than ever, and projected to grow exponentially. You’re also investing in an established business model with a proven track record of success. The great thing about franchising is that prior experience in business ownership isn’t required, due to the extensive level of support provided by the franchisor. Although candidates with a background in fashion may have an easier learning curve, if you’re a business-minded, motivated professional, you can expect to find success in our industry.

A Forward Career Move

Whether you already own your own business or franchise and are looking to expand your portfolio, or you’re a first-time business owner, a boutique franchise investment is a great step forward in your career. If you’ve been working in corporate retail or at another large company, you know your freedom can be limited. Owning your own retail clothing franchise will give you that long-desired control over your own inventory, and the freedom to create your own unique displays.

Industry Strength for a Boutique Franchise Investment

Before starting a new career as a franchisee, you probably want to know if your investment is well-placed, and whether the industry is poised for success. Luckily, the women’s apparel industry is among the strongest and most consistent, expected to grow by as much as 17.2% by 2020. The fast fashion industry, in particular, has grown 21% over the past three years, and is expected to grow an additional 5.9% per year into the next decade. Fast fashion retailers like Apricot Lane fill a lucrative gap in the market. Consumers want the hottest clothes as soon as they appear on the runway, at affordable prices, so it’s no surprise that our space is growing at an incredible clip compared to the luxury market. If you’re looking to enter an industry at its peak, now is the perfect time for a fashion boutique franchise investment.

An Established Brand

Investing in a franchise helps you avoid all the pitfalls of starting a business from scratch. Our turnkey franchise model is designed to make the process as seamless as possible. You benefit from our 26 years of franchise experience. in the fast fashion industry, which we attribute to the symbiotic relationship we foster with our franchisees. We provide a smooth, informative educational and training process, including support from our franchise team, and access to our in-house marketing team to really maximize your brand awareness. Giving you all the tools to succeed is one of the hallmarks of our franchise model.

If you’re looking to advance your career with a boutique franchise investment, reach out to us today to learn more.

  • June 22, 2018
  • Blog

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