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The New Face of Retail: A Fast Fashion Clothing Store Franchise

Anyone who has worked at a luxury fashion company or in the corporate retail space knows what it feels like to work with limited flexibility. You probably didn’t have much control over what was bought, sold, or displayed in the store, and there was likely little-to-no room for expressing individual style. The beauty of owning a clothing store franchise is the sense of independence it gives you; to carry whatever items speak to your vision and style, and constantly update your inventory with new looks. If you want to enter a booming industry in a niche that’s growing more popular by the year, an Apricot Lane fast fashion franchise might be for you.

A New Formula for a Clothing Store Franchise

Traditionally, there are four times of year when profits are highest for fashion retailers: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. While this has been standard in the fashion industry for many years, we think it’s time to shake up that formula. What makes our clothing store franchise successful is adopting the 52 “micro-season” model. We’re strong believers that there should be no offseason. People want the hottest trends right away, within two weeks of their release by the designer. Our ever-rotating-and-changing selection of new apparel means there is always an impetus to buy, to stay up-to-date, and to not fall behind the fashion curve. Apricot Lane gives people a way to stay connected to the latest trends as soon as they hit the market.

Why Wait for Style?

The beauty of fast fashion is that it capitalizes on consumers’ desire to look trendy and current — even those who might not consider themselves fashion-conscious. Traditionally, to stay stylish shoppers had to empty their bank accounts for luxury brands, but with the rise of fast fashion, looking your best is actually affordable. By specializing in mass-produced items that are aesthetically similar to luxury brands, fast fashion retailers can appeal to the tastes of a broad audience, while also meeting the budgetary constraints of the average consumer. And with the rise of celebrity endorsements and more fast fashion stores opening by the day, the industry looks to a promising future.

The Rise of Fast Fashion

Traditional fashion retail brands have been on the decline in recent years, while boutique, fast-fashion retailers like Apricot Lane have seen a steady rise. Consumers don’t want to wait for seasonal collections. They want the hottest clothes as soon as they appear on the runway, so it’s no surprise that the fast fashion industry has grown 21% over the past three years, and is expected to grow an additional 5.9% per year for the next three. Our space is growing at an incredible clip, meaning our clothing store franchises are well-positioned to succeed well into the future. If you’re looking for an opportune time to enter the fashion industry or foray into fast fashion, there’s no better time than right now.

If you’re eager to take advantage of our booming industry, start your own clothing store franchise and launch your fast fashion career with us today.

  • May 19, 2018
  • Blog

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