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Value and Changing Inventory: What Customers Really Want

Have you spent much of your career stuck in the corporate rat race? If you’re looking for a way out, a clothing franchise investment is an exciting way to go. Apricot Lane has been in business for years, and we’ve made a name for ourselves as a trusted franchisor and a destination fashion boutique. We stand out from other retail franchise opportunities for a number of reasons, but perhaps our most valuable selling point is that our stores have what customers really want today. Research shows that customers are looking for great customer service, the newest styles, authentic product knowledge, and regularly-changing inventory from the retailers they choose. Read on to learn more about how Apricot Lane works to fulfill these buying preferences for our customers.

Great Deals Abound at Apricot Lane Boutiques

Apricot Lane is constantly working to bring up-to-the-minute fashions to our customers soon after they debut on the runway. Our team of buyers are constantly doing research to stay up-to-date on what big-name designers are showing so that we can offer our customers similar styles at competitive prices. Thanks to our contacts in L.A.’s Fashion District, our owners are uniquely able to stock their store with the latest fashions at prices customers love. We’re always working to network with new vendors and strengthen our relationships with existing partners to ensure that value remains a key selling point in our stores. All of this work behind the scenes makes Apricot Lane a standout clothing franchise investment. Our franchisees get to enjoy the benefits of our hard work! We’ll go out and manage the networking and buying, so all you have to do is choose which items you’d like to stock in your store.

A Versatile Clothing Franchise Investment

When you invest in an Apricot Lane boutique, you’ll have access to a wide range of styles to stock your store. We want to help our franchisees make their boutiques their own and give them the freedom to purchase styles that will be popular in their community. We also know that customers value stores that frequently change up their inventories. After all, it’s fun to stop into a favorite store every week to check out new arrivals! Apricot Lane allows our franchisees to offer a wide and ever-changing inventory. Many of our store owners manage their buys so they have new products arriving every day, which is a delight for customers!

While brick-and-mortar retail remains a favorite venue for shopping for clothing, we know it’s important that our franchisees have access to the latest technology Your Apricot Lane clothing franchise investment will help you develop both in-store customers as well as an online presence. With our help, you can create a strong social presence (Instagram, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, and more) and even an E-commerce website for your unique franchise that showcases the inventory you have in stock. When you opt to develop an online component, customers can browse your new selections online from the comfort of their own homes, giving them a taste of what you have to offer in your boutique.

As you can see, the Apricot Lane clothing franchise investment is a great way to break into the retail industry by giving customers what they want! Visit us online today to learn more about the process of becoming a franchisee.

  • December 3, 2018
  • Blog

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