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What Are Your Talents? Put Them to Work Running Your Own Business!

As you go about your day working for someone else, you might wonder if you have what it takes to be your own boss. You may even take that thought one step further and think about how to start your own retail clothing store. You love that idea, but you’re not sure you have the skills. Well, we think you just might! In fact, we believe almost everyone has talents that lend themselves to running a business. Better than that, we believe that when someone becomes an Apricot Lane Boutique store owner, those talents are strengthened by the extensive training and support we show every franchisee! Yes, all kinds of skills are useful as you transition into business ownership. But there are a few that are especially helpful. Let’s take a look at them here.

People Skills

When you begin your research into how to start your own retail clothing store, one thing you’re going to quickly learn is that the fashion industry is exciting and rewarding — and perfect for a person who loves people! Folks who have a knack for making others comfortable, are good listeners, and are interested in helping others, are all great candidates for owning a retail fashion business. And it’s no coincidence that so many of our Apricot Lane Boutique store owners love their jobs because it allows them to work with the public every day, helping women of all ages choose from hundreds of on-trend, sophisticated, and timeless pieces of clothing and accessories, all at prices they’ll love!

Managerial Skills

Can you make decisions comfortably and securely? Are you good at delegating tasks and acting as a positive role model? Then you have good managerial skills that will benefit you in your new role as an Apricot Lane Boutique business owner! Your day-to-day operations will see you hiring and overseeing sales associates, ordering and managing inventory, creating displays, and tending to weekly and monthly bookkeeping. It’s all part of being responsible for the smooth operation of your store, and your strong managerial skills will be essential to that.

Skilled Eye for Details

So much of running a business requires you to pay attention to details — because, after all, it’s often the little things that matter the most. This is especially true at an Apricot Lane Boutique, where the runway-inspired inventory is always being updated. As a new business owner, you’ll need to appreciate the small habits that make the difference — greeting every customer, freshening up or changing out displays, making sure your store is clean, well-lit, and inviting. If you understand the importance of details and how they can affect an outcome, you’re better prepared for success in business.

Big Picture Skills

While it’s helpful to understand that details matter, as a business owner it’s equally important to be able to see the big picture. And really, that’s what may have prompted you to think about how to start your own retail clothing store in the first place! You’re thinking about it because you’ve stepped back and looked at your life as a whole — what you’re doing, the time you spend doing it, and how you feel about it — and realized you’d like to make some important changes. Being able to appreciate that running a retail fashion boutique is a big endeavor made up of small, daily efforts prepares you for the challenges and rewards of business ownership.

  • March 7, 2019
  • Blog

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