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Who Shops the Retail Clothing Industry?

The Apricot Lane Customer — Stylish, Sophisticated, and Fun!

There is so much about the retail clothing industry that’s exciting and rewarding,  especially as an Apricot Lane franchisee. Our brand is characterized by fashionable and fun clothing lines that appeal to sophisticated shoppers of all ages, and that’s because we’re constantly staying informed on the latest trends, while also recognizing what makes a design timeless. Each of our individually owned and operated locations are curated by their owners to meet the unique needs of the communities they serve, and Apricot Lane customers love that. But who are those customers? What are they looking for, both in terms of inventory and experience, when they walk into an Apricot Lane Boutique store? Let’s find out.

Our Customers are Savvy

While Apricot Lane shoppers can’t be pigeonholed, what we’re sure of is that our customers are always looking for something to meet their unique needs and that won’t be found in millions of other closets. They also pay close attention to the retail clothing industry — what they’re seeing on runways, on social media, and in blogs. In short, our customers are informed and have come to trust Apricot Lane to quickly deliver the fashion trends they love, at prices they can afford. We’re experts in the fast-fashion industry, one defined by a quick runway-to-retail turnaround time, which gives our franchisees a real competitive edge. You’ll be able to offer your customers their favorite looks before anyone else, curated from hundreds of lines that reflect what’s being seen in major fashion houses across the globe. At the same time, your unique choices will help to create a specialty store atmosphere, one your customers will want to shop in time and time again, throughout the year.

Our Customers are Smart

When you open your doors as an Apricot Lane franchisee, it won’t take long for you to appreciate what your customers appreciate. What is that? Well, first of all, they love that they can visit your boutique one month and find racks of beautiful, brand new designs. The inventory at Apricot Lane is always fresh, always changing, and always produced in limited runs, which means if a customer loves it, she’d better buy it! She’s also mindful of how far her dollar goes at one of our boutiques. Our relationships and expertise in the retail clothing industry allows us to stock our boutiques with fashions that are economical but that never sacrifice quality. Our shoppers love that they can buy quality products without feeling like they’ve paid too much. You’ll love that, too.

Our Customers are Your Customers

We’ve spent decades building the Apricot Lane Boutique brand and are very proud of a business model that features unparalleled franchisee training and support. We’re only too happy to share our knowledge with our franchise partners, because we know our success depends on their success. When you invest in our brand, you invest in decades of our experience, hundreds of our inventory lines, and millions of our customers who have come to know and love the Apricot Lane difference.

The retail clothing industry is rewarding and fun, which might make an investment in it a good idea. If you think so, too, get in touch with us today.


  • June 8, 2019
  • Blog

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