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Why Franchising Is a Great Alternative to Starting a Business from Scratch

Risky Business? Think About an Apricot Lane Franchise to Minimize that Risk!


You’re going to do it! You’ve done the research on how to start your own clothing business and you’re ready to begin that journey. You want to be your own boss and enjoy all the freedom that comes with that — and good for you! But we’re guessing maybe some of your research has left you feeling a little uneasy. After all, it’s no small feat to start a business from scratch. There’s a lot of risk involved because there’s no groundwork already laid, no model you can follow, and probably not much support you can count on. Not so with franchising! When you partner with Apricot Lane to realize your dream of business ownership, you don’t go it alone. Read on to find out about some of the ways we encourage, train, and support our brand partners.

Our Business Model: How to Start Your Own Clothing Business

Everybody wants the freedom to make their own choices and decisions, but sometimes we could use help in the way of guidance, direction, and support — and that’s one of the main benefits of investing in a franchise. You get all of that when you join the Apricot Lane brand family, because our success is based on a proven business model that serves as direction, taking a lot of the guesswork out of starting your business. It also provides thorough training and ongoing support! We know how to help you to start your own clothing business because we’ve been helping people like you do just that for 25-plus years! Today, there are over 75 Apricot Lane Boutiques across the country, with owners who have benefited from our solid, tested business plan. You could be one of them!

We Help You to Start Strong

While it’s useful to have, when it comes to how to start your own clothing business, Apricot Lane makes past experience in the industry unnecessary. That’s because we offer thorough training before you open your boutique doors, and ongoing support after that. And chances are, you won’t get any of that if you start your clothing store business from scratch. You won’t have access to teams of experts in operations, technology, human resources, and marketing. You won’t have experts to help you find, lease, and build out the perfect location for your new store. And you won’t have the buying power that our brand has built over the last quarter century!

We Beat the Competition

One of the best advantages of franchising with us is the competitive edge you’ll immediately enjoy as an Apricot Lane fashion retailer. Because our buyers are always attending trade shows all over the nation, we have our finger on the fashion pulse in a way that our competitors do not. When your customers see a style they love on the runway or in a magazine, they can be sure they’ll see it shortly thereafter at their favorite Apricot Lane Boutique — making you their go-to resource for all the on-trend and classic looks they love!

Ready to be part of an exciting industry? If you’d like to learn more about how to start your own clothing business, get in touch today!


  • May 19, 2019
  • Blog

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