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Your Next Big Venture: Franchising

You’re looking to take the next step of your professional career. You’ve had it with working under someone, making money for another company. Now it’s time for you take charge and be the boss. After doing your due diligence, you’ve found that the best course of action is to franchise a clothing store, and doing it with Apricot Lane Boutique seems like the perfect fit.

Franchising is a whole new world for you, but it’s also much easier to navigate than you think. The whole team at Apricot Lane is here to help you take your first steps into the world of franchising.

What Is Apricot Lane Boutique All About?

Apricot Lane Boutique has developed a proven franchising model while also providing high-style fashion to women across the United States. With 75 locations around the country, Apricot Lane Boutique has shown that you can franchise a clothing store in any of the 50 states and find success.

Apricot Lane Boutique provides stylish clothing for the stylish shopper. Great for both mothers and daughters, Apricot Lane Boutique features clothing perfect for a day at the park, a night at the club, or your next formal occasion. By offering VERY limited quantities and with new items arriving daily, there’s always something new and unique.

A Reasonable Road to Finding Success

Apricot Lane Boutique makes it easy to franchise a clothing store. First, the products sell themselves. With such a diverse array of clothing, Apricot Lane Boutique stands out from the rest of the specialty retail field. In a field experiencing double-digit growth and generating more than $110 billion in annual revenue, there is no better time to franchise a clothing store in the specialty retail marketspace.

Apricot Lane Boutique makes the franchising process simple and straightforward. A large part of that is the incredibly reasonable franchising fee. No million-dollar investment here. To franchise a clothing store with Apricot Lane Boutique starts with an affordable $34,500 franchise fee.

Franchise a Clothing Store from Start to Finish

From the moment you reach out to Apricot Lane inquiring about how to franchise a clothing store, we will be there for you. We will be there to answer your questions and give you guidance about all aspects of developing your franchise.

Our process is 10 steps and encompasses all aspects of franchising. From our initial emails and phone calls to filling out financial documents and chatting with our company founder, we will be there to answer all your questions.

If you’re ready to invest in us, we’re ready to invest in you. That involves flying out to meet you, in your market, on our dime. That also includes help with the intense later stages of your franchising journey such as site selection, continuing support, and on-the-job training after opening your franchise.

To learn more about Apricot Lane Boutique and how to franchise a clothing store, contact us today for more information.

  • September 12, 2018
  • Blog

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