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Who is the Fast Fashion Industry Competition?

As we have already described, the women's fashion industry is extremely profitable. Women worldwide spend billions each year on clothing and apparel, and fast fashion is one of the key segments of this industry. Stores like H&M, Zara, and UNIQLO offer their customers trendy clothing at affordable prices, but mass-produced products and slow production time leave something to be desired for today’s shopper.

Apricot Lane’s Advantages in the Industry

Boutique Philosophy—Unlike the big stores that compete with us for customers, we carry a limited selection of each style, giving our shoppers a unique experience from store to store.

All Seasons Shopping—Shoppers no longer look for big collections at the start of each season. Instead, they want to be able to find the pieces that make a statement NOW, following the trends that they see on Instagram, fashion blogs, and runways. Apricot Lane brings in new items weekly, keeping up to date at all times.

Personalized Experience—Just like our unique clothing pieces, Apricot Lane stores create an intimate, specialized shopping experience that these mass-market retailers cannot compete with in their large stores.

Make Your Goal a Reality: Own Your Own Clothing Boutique Franchise

The biggest differentiator between Apricot Lane and the competition? You can own a piece of the Apricot Lane brand. Leverage your skills and take charge of your career by investing in an Apricot Lane franchise; our brand is known for its impeccable quality, on-trend design, and outstanding franchisee support, so choose us.

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