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Hot Off the Runway Fashion

Keeping up with the newest fashions and latest styles is in itself a challenge. The fast pace of the fashion industry and its changing looks from season to season demands that the fast fashion franchise industry maintain a constantly changing inventory to keep customers coming back.

The Apricot Lane shopper is a stylish and sophisticated woman looking for clothes that fit a variety of situations. She is unique, and she rejects shopping at stores where all the items look the same; even worse is purchasing items that are so mass-produced that she sees them each time she goes to work, school, out running errands, and anywhere else she spends her time.

Broad Selection of Styles

Apricot Lane is a great mother/daughter boutique with something for everyone. Your franchise will feature clothing that is perfect for a casual day spent with friends, a day at the office, or a special night out on the town. Your customers won't see others wearing the same item all over town because we offer limited quantities with new items arriving almost daily. If you like it, buy it, because it won't be there on your next visit!

Your Apricot Lane franchise will boast new styles each week, fresh from designers who are inspired by the runways in New York, Paris, and Milan. We are constantly seeking unique pieces that turn heads and set trends.

Find the Perfect Pieces

Experienced buyers, fashion experts, and trend setters carefully choose the pieces that we sell at Apricot Lane. Our buyers attend fashion trade shows all over the nation in order to keep up with the changing styles and new looks, sending our franchisees new merchandise frequently. Our exclusive buyer works in the Los Angeles Fashion District to find the stunning styles that our customers love.

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