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Use Your Experience in Sales and Management

For many of us, the excitement of retail never goes away. Whether your experience is in clothing, restaurants, technology, or any other sector, retail provides an ever-changing work environment that keeps us on our toes, using different sales and management techniques each day. Knowing how to effectively sell a product and manage a team are two skills that make the biggest difference in our new franchisees. It is easy to learn bookkeeping systems and computer programs that make operating your store go smoothly, but management and sales are two of the most essential skills that you already possess.

Enjoy Freedom in Scheduling, Product Selection, and More

Working in corporate retail can be limiting. The company decides what products to sell, how to display them, what items are the priority, and that’s not to mention being at the mercy of someone else for your scheduling. Corporate retail gives little freedom to its workers, which can be discouraging.

As a boutique franchise owner with Apricot Lane, you are free to make the choices that you think are right for your business. You will choose the inventory that you want to carry in your store, selling only the pieces that speak to you and fit the vision that you have for your clothing boutique. In addition, because each store is unique, you will be free to create displays to show off your merchandise in the most flattering way, helping you make sales.

Take Charge of Your Career

There is no feeling as satisfying as working for yourself. As a business owner, you will take charge of your career each day as you face problems head on, whether they are with your staff, your budget, your merchandise, or anything else. Apricot Lane empowers all our franchise owners to be their own bosses and make the important decisions for their businesses each and every day.

Take the leap to own your own business with Apricot Lane. We give you the tools you need to use your existing skills and learn new ones. Take this opportunity and learn about owning your own business, being your own boss, and taking charge to build the career you have always wanted.

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