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Fashion Merchandisers


Use Your Extensive Skills in Fashion Buying and Merchandising

In a career as a buyer or merchandiser for major brands, you have learned a thing or two about style and design. Over the years, cultivating an eye for pieces that will sell, how best to display them, and when and where to buy items has taken time, and this eye for style is incredibly valuable. The fact of the matter is it is hard to teach style to someone, so your expertise is exactly what we are looking for.

Build a business you can sell or pass on when it is time to retire

The women’s apparel industry is absolutely enormous, and it is growing all the time. As an Apricot Lane franchise owner, you will be part of that industry, directly benefitting from your store’s sales. Our stores have real potential to earn significant amounts of money, helping set you up for retirement. Even better, when it is time to retire, Apricot Lane is still a viable business, so you can sell your franchise or pass it on to your posterity, keeping the beauty of Apricot Lane in your community.

Enjoy an independent career in fashion and style

It is safe to guess that the reason you have worked for so long in the fashion and retail industry is that you love it. Expressing yourself through fashion is fun, and a career in fashion is constantly changing as styles and trends shift. Working in fashion means that you never have a dull day, you never run out of pretty things to look at, and you never see the same thing twice. Working independently in fashion may seem like a dream too wild to even consider, but Apricot Lane gives you just such an opportunity.

Owning your own business is not only possible, it is easy when you do it with Apricot Lane. We empower you to work for yourself, make your business decisions, and express your femininity and power through our amazing stores. Take the leap and own your own business; you won’t regret it.

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