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Apricot Lane


Dynamic Business Opportunity

Apricot Lane has enjoyed worldwide brand exposure with successful locations in two major international airports—Las Vegas and San Diego—bringing our brand to the attention of people across the globe. Midwesterners may recognize the Dells Resort in Wisconsin, where our gorgeous store is a feature in this haven of shopping and recreation. We even had previous flagship locations in both Disney centers (Anaheim and Orlando) where thousands of people made impressions every day. Apricot Lane Boutique is quickly becoming a sought-after brand by consumers, developers, and fashion entrepreneurs nationwide.

Apricot Lane was also recognized in the international and domestic showing of the CNN award-winning documentary, "Everyday in Cambodia" for its work with 3Strands Global and their work against human trafficking.

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Stylish Products

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Our franchisees and corporate buyers team up to attend some of the largest fashion trade shows in America. In addition, each week, we meet with many of the Los Angeles Fashion District vendors through our on-site exclusive Apricot Lane buyer contracted by us to provide weekly buying opportunities. Our franchisees have the ability to quickly update merchandise so your boutique is always carrying the latest fashions hot off the runway. 

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Affordable Boutique Franchise

Becoming an Apricot Lane franchise owner requires a small, affordable investment. When you join the Apricot Lane franchise family, you are investing in more than a fashion franchise; it is also an investment in your future. As a business ownerinstead of just an employeeyou will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of every company success. Opening an Apricot Lane franchise is the beginning of it all.

Our franchise fee is just $34,500—which includes all the training and support from our experienced franchise team, use of our brand name, access to our buyers and marketers, and so much more. Apricot Lane is invested in our franchisees, and we work hard to provide what you need to build your business with confidence.

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Responsive Training and Support


The Apricot Lane team is one of a kind. Each member of the franchise team brings their skills and expertise to our business, which in turn helps every franchisee build and grow their businesses. In our home office, we have marketing experts and merchandising pros, fashion buyers and graphic designers, administrative assistants and franchising managers, all of whom are dedicated to helping our franchisees thrive.

From the beginning, we train our franchisees with all the tools that they need to operate their businesses. Starting with at-home training and finishing with 120-day post-opening support, our training program is among the top in the industry. We know that without proper training, our franchisees cannot do their jobs, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you are trained properly. Our outstanding training is just one of the reasons why Apricot Lane franchisees thrive.

It doesn’t end there! One of the hallmarks of the Apricot Lane franchise brand is that we support our franchisees. We don’t give vague promises about that support, we come through with real resources like a company-wide intranet, an in-house marketing agency, merchandising tools, and more. Our top-of-the-line support resources give our franchise owners everything they need to focus on what’s important: running their businesses.


Why Apricot Lane? Industry-Leading Training

We have 25 years of experience training franchisees with or without retail experience. You'll take the time with our departmental team to learn the necessary skills to get your boutique off the ground while learning the aspects of operating a retail business.

Buying Fun

Countdown Chart

The first part of your preparation is the Countdown Charta handy document that details the specifics of your opening timeline. The Chart outlines all of the steps necessary to get your store open. This will include tasks from our team such as construction, operations, marketing, buying, and store set up, as well as what you get to do to prepare. While this is going on, we set up weekly calls to make sure we are all keeping up and accomplishing the assigned tasks and projects. This will continue until the week the store opens.


Home Training

home training

Home training starts the week after receiving your countdown chart. Most of this training is accomplished with our custom Cambeo Group website that houses all of our confidential operations manuals and resources. Some of the topics that you will learn about include:

· Human resources
· Retail math
· Buying product
· Marketing your store
· Selling to customers

After you have completed the reading portion of your training, you will go through POSIM EVO training. This is hands-on training with your office computer where you will learn all about the inventory management of your store. This program is customized for you to implement at your own speed, working around that hectic home schedule prior to coming out to our headquarters in California.

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Apricot Lane University

Apricot Lane University (ALU) is an extensive one-week training course at our headquarters in Vacaville, California. Your training at ALU covers much of the information included in home training in greater detail. We schedule your time at ALU to be 7-8 weeks before your store opens, making the most of your opening timeline and ensuring you have the preparation you need to get your store up and running.

The ALU agenda includes key topics you will address as you prepare to open your store. Here is a quick breakdown of the five-day training:

DAY ONE: Learn how to buy for your store and review in detail our LA buying strategies.
DAY TWO: Get to know the POSIM EVO inventory management that you will use in your store.
DAY THREE: Discover marketing planning and grand opening strategies.
DAY FOUR: Spend the day in Los Angeles at the LA Fashion District with our LA buyer so you can see up close how our buyer gets our stores the hottest styles.
DAY FIVE: Get back to the operations of the store, to discuss open to buy, store reports, hiring, customer service, and more.

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Pre-Opening On-Site Training

Store Interior

The week before your Apricot Lane Boutique opens is called the pre-opening on-site training and store opening phase. To start out, a store merchandiser will arrive on the Sunday before you open. For three days, the store will be transformed from boxes to a beautiful fashion boutique with the help of the merchandiser.

We are there each step of the way during that week. The day before you open, your sales team will be trained on the Sales POS system of POSIM EVO and all marketing collateral will be set up for your soft opening and grand opening celebration. Additionally, the corporate team member will remain on site for your first full day from opening to closing which also includes your friends and family event. The operations team is then on call all day Friday to Sunday of your opening weekend for systems support and any troubleshooting that may be necessary.

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Why Apricot Lane? Ongoing Support

Starting the Monday after opening day, we begin the post-opening 30-60-90-120 training and support program. During this time, we will be focusing on best practices from each department and review the key ingredients of escalating your business.

We want you to develop good practices from the beginning so we will continue to have calls with you and each of our departments to ensure you are getting the resources you need.

The 30-60-90-120 training and support program gets its name from the monthly calls we schedule with you and the entire team for the first four months that you are in business.

Together, we will discuss several topics, including:

· Your store in general
· Buying
· Visual merchandising
· Marketing
· Social media
· Staffing

We use these calls to assess what your individual needs are for the next 30 days until you have completed the four-month post-opening training period.

Additionally, we use this time to ensure that you are learning and understanding the most important parts of your business: buying merchandise and marketing your store. One of the keys to your success is sales, which is why we supply you with sales reports to ease the process of product buying. For about six to eight weeks, you will have weekly buying calls with us to go over these reports and strategize. Our in-house marketing team also works with you during post-opening training to strengthen your social media presence and monitor your results.


Why Apricot Lane? Operations Expertise

operation manuals

We take pride in our set of confidential operations manuals that become invaluable resources. Most of them are housed on the Cambeo Group website in our learning library, where these files can be accessed online at any time with your account. In addition, there are a few other manuals for store use, like the Computer Reference Manualwhich has all of the point of sale (POSIM EVO) steps for reference if neededand a few other binders including the Day Book, for enhanced employee and customer communications, the Purchase Order binder, and a Reports Binder.

operation manuals
dream section


It may seem like a fantasy, attending fashion trade shows and marketplaces, selecting the latest fashions at wholesale, and bringing them into your own boutique, but it's real. Endless aisles of eye candy showcasing tomorrow's newest trends that will ignite the passion you have for fashion. An adrenaline that keeps you on your feet for the entire day, talking to vendors and friends, sharing experiences, and knowing your customers back home are just going to love your chosen selections for the new season!

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Imagine waking up each morning and looking forward to doing something you love. You can go to work each day and enjoy work that is unique in its challenges and so rewarding. That's not a dream but a possibility with Apricot Lane Boutique. When you join the Apricot Lane franchise family, you are investing in more than a fashion franchise; it is also an investment in your future. Owning a business is the most satisfying career there is and starting an Apricot Lane franchise is the way to make that happen.



Having the freedom to make your own decisions is essential when managing your own business. You don't want somebody looking over your shoulder 24/7, telling you specifically what to do. Not only can that become unproductive when you need to orchestrate the pace and components of managing a fashion boutique to make quick and specific choices but it's downright frustrating. At Apricot Lane Boutique, we pride ourselves in delivering the resources, tools, and training necessary to assist you in operating your store with a program that prepares and empowers you to make those important daily decisions.

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When you invest in Apricot Lane, you are joining a tight-knit family. For many of our franchisees, that means involving their own family members in their franchiseincluding partnering up as a husband-wife or parent-child team. Running a fashion clothing boutique with a loved one can make the whole process more fun and manageable, especially when it comes to working through obstacles, brainstorming displays, and schedule flexibility. The good news? We make it easy. Apricot Lane Boutique creates a unique family environment that customers appreciate and identify with. In fact, many of our boutiques include their families to help run the business and provide many of these legacy opportunities.

The First Step

To get a closer look at this opportunity, take the first step today and schedule an introductory call. This personalized call with our franchise development ambassador will review the initial investment, general store operations and support resources, some unit economics, an opportunity to answer your questions directly, and to learn more about each other. Plan for about 30-60 minutes so we can really dive in and get to know each other.

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