Ideal Candidate

Is Apricot Lane the Right Franchise for You?

Determining “fit” is very important to us. Apricot Lane is right for you if you:

  • Follow our model: Closely follow our proven business model, along with all guidance our team provides you
  • Do the right thing: Never betray a trust and do whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward
  • Are Humbly confident: Open, honest, authentic, and ready to impact positively
  • Love to work with people
  • Command a keen sense of fashion
  • Have strong organizational skills
  • Enjoy working closely with other people
  • Are financially stable
  • Commit to grow and learn in your career
  • Possess an enthusiasm for work and life
  • Financially Qualify

Some business management or retail experience is a plus, but it is not required.


Be Empowered. Leverage Your Skills.

For many of us, owning a business sounds like a pipe dream. But it doesn’t have to be! We are looking for franchise owners who are ready to utilize their skills, learn something new, and take charge of their careers. Whether you have worked for decades in retail, spent the last several years working your way up the traditional corporate ladder, or anything in between, your accomplishments have taught you valuable skills. Use these skills as you transform your career by owning your very own clothing boutique franchise.

Opportunities for Career Retailers

A career in retail is constantly changing, with a new experience and new set of challenges every single day. We know what appeals to you about retail, but traditional employment in this industry can feel limiting. Even if you are in management, you can feel like you have little freedom in making decisions for your store or restaurant.

Learn how Apricot Lane can help you:

  • Use your experience in sales and management
  • Enjoy freedom in scheduling, product selection, and more
  • Take charge of your career

Check out more information about opportunities for individuals with retail experience!

Opportunities for Fashion Merchandisers

People with an impeccable sense of style and eye for design are the ultimate Apricot Lane franchise owners. It is true that virtually anyone can learn about organizational skills, bookkeeping, and marketing—skills that we teach all of our new franchise owners—but some people simply do not have “the eye.” Apricot Lane gives you the chance to work for yourself, using your eye for your own advantage each day.

Learn how Apricot Lane can help you:

  • Use your extensive skills in fashion buying and merchandising
  • Build a business you can sell or pass on when it is time to retire
  • Enjoy an independent career in fashion and style

Check out more information about opportunities for individuals with fashion merchandising experience!

These are not the only backgrounds that we have worked with, so don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like you! Get in touch with us, and we can help you determine if your career experience suits you to opening an Apricot Lane franchise

Turn Your Passion Into Rewarding Work

Being an Apricot Lane franchise owner is incredibly rewarding. One of the things you won't get working in an office every day of the week is the chance to delve into your passions. By allowing our franchisees to be creative in their business endeavor, Apricot Lane cultivates an environment of excitement that simply doesn't exist in other lines of work. Loving what you do makes every day a joy.

When you're able to wake up every morning and come into work with a smile, it is reflected in all that you do and has a positive effect on your employees and your customers. Turn your passion into rewarding work and you will not only enjoy the fulfillment that comes with being your own boss, you will also nurture and develop a thriving Apricot Lane franchise that you can be proud to walk into every day. Click here to learn more about how you can turn your love for fashion into a profitable business!
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