The Investment

Apricot Lane has changed the face of the clothing franchise world. Our affordable franchise gives our franchisees the freedom to choose the inventory they sell, the training to show them how to succeed, and the support to help them through every obstacle. An investment in Apricot Lane is not just an investment in the growing fast fashion industry, it is a commitment to a way of life that fosters strength and independence.

An Affordable Franchise!

Yes Please!

Our initial franchise fee is incredibly affordable at just $39,500, especially when you consider all the resources that we provide, from training to technology and everything in between. The investment to open a new store starts at $150,000 (does not include the franchise fee) for the first-time franchisee. We also offer a $5,000 discount on the initial franchise fee for military veterans.

The initial investment range includes everything you will need to open your doors such as store design, inventory, furniture and fixtures, equipment, site selection and leasing consultant, on-site training, and in-store merchandising.

If You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life

What Does My Investment Go Toward?

Building a career as a business owner is a big decision, and considering the total investment is an essential part of that decision. Before you decide where you want to invest your money, you probably want to know where it is going! That’s why we have put together this chart to show you quickly and efficiently exactly what your investment gets you.

The Investment
Initial Franchise Fee - First boutique$39,500
Franchise Fee - Additional boutique$20,000
Typical Investment (Exclusive of working capital)*$150,000
Working Capital (minimum required)$50,000
Bi-Monthly Royalty5.5.%
Advertising Development Fund (Not a media fund)1%

*This is the minimum price and could be more depending on boutique size & location. Note this does not include working capital

Most franchise candidates find they can fund their business by accessing capital they already have available through the equity in their home or by accessing qualifying retirement plans such as a 401k without incurring penalties or experiencing tax consequences. Financing options may also include third party (family, friends, existing business partners) or traditional bank loans.

* See the current Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), Item 7, for complete detailed breakdown of the potential investment.


Your Dream.

Apricot Lane’s brand strength is obvious in every facet of what we do. Take advantage of our exclusive buyers who hand select each style, our proprietary software systems that help you run your business efficiently, and our partnerships with other companies that make technology easy and investing fun. Our brand can offer you what no one else can: the chance to own your own business in the fashion industry, helping your customers find the clothes they love, and instilling confidence in yourself, your employees, and your customers.
Take the leap. Invest in yourself. Invest in women. Invest in your community. Invest in Apricot Lane.
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The time to franchise your own boutique is now! If you think an Apricot Lane franchise could be for you, reach out to our franchise team for more information, or to get started.

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