Not All Clothing Boutique Franchise Opportunities are Created Equal!

Some are better than others, and when you become an Apricot Lane franchise owner, you’re taking advantage of one of the very best boutique franchise opportunities out there. Founded in 2007, Apricot Lane Boutique is a dynamic, stylish, responsive, truly affordable franchise opportunity that empowers its owners to take charge of their futures. Our stores are located in high-traffic shopping centers, downtown business districts, and tourist destinations, bringing the latest clothing and accessories to customers quickly.

The true strength of any good franchise system comes from its franchisees, and some of our best ideas and solutions have been initiated by ours! We truly are stronger when we work together — that's the power of franchising — and it’s that philosophy that sets Apricot Lane apart as one of the most respected fashion franchise opportunities out there.

A Truly Unique Franchise Opportunity

Apricot Lane is unique in its mission to bring the hottest new fashion styles and trends to our stores as soon as they hit the runway. Consumers want the trendiest runway looks the moment they see them, without the hefty price tags that luxury brands are famous for. We stand apart from other clothing boutique franchise opportunities by offering customers the best of cutting-edge styles in a faster and more affordable way. Our franchisees and corporate buyers team up to attend some of the largest fashion trade shows in America. In addition, each week our corporate buyer meets with vendors from the Los Angeles fashion district to provide franchisees with insight into new opportunities. When you partner with us, you’ll have the ability to quickly update merchandise so your boutique is always carrying the latest fashions, right off the runway!

Are You the Right Fit for Apricot Lane?

Fit is important to us. All clothing boutique franchise opportunities require hard work, ambition, passion, and a drive to succeed. We look for these qualities—and a few more—in each of our prospective franchisees. The Apricot Lane Boutique franchise opportunity offers you the chance to expand your horizons, use your skills, and accomplish something new, all while following your dream of business ownership and your passion for fashion.

As an Apricot Lane clothing boutique franchise owner, you’ll be operating a beautiful and inviting business where women and girls can shop, enjoy each other’s company, and bond over shared interests. Our boutiques offer more than just beautiful clothing and accessories to the communities they serve —they foster kinship and togetherness.

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Apricot Lane family? We think you just might!

The Fashion Boutique Customers Crave

The clothing franchise industry is constantly changing, as styles and preferences adjust season by season, week by week. Many women everywhere are following the dynamic trends they see on runways, Instagram, and fashion blogs as they explore new ways to express themselves and their unique style through their choices in clothing and accessories.

When it comes to boutique franchise opportunities, Apricot Lane is on the cutting edge, buying the hottest styles each week to afford our customers the beautiful and unique clothing options they love. We’re leaders in the fast-fashion industry, making our clothing franchise opportunity truly one of a kind.

We know you might have questions — and we’re only too happy to answer them!

Being an Empowered Owner

Think about it: you’ve spent years dreaming about owning a business and being your own boss. You love fashion and love the idea of helping women and girls express themselves through their choices in clothing and accessories. So, what’s stopping you from taking that dream and turning it into reality? Now you can — with an Apricot Lane franchise opportunity!

When you become an Apricot Lane franchise owner, you are empowered to take charge of your future. You’ll not only have the freedom to choose the styles you’ll carry in your store, but we’ll make sure to provide you with unmatched training to prepare you for success, and we’ll support you at every turn. An investment in Apricot Lane is a commitment to a way of life that fosters strength and encourages independence.

Best of all, you’ll become a valued member of your community, as your customers learn quickly that if they want the latest looks and the hottest trends in fashion, they won’t have to go anywhere else but your Apricot Lane boutique!

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