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Startup Costs


What Does My Investment Go Toward?

Building a career as a business owner is a big decision, and considering the total investment is an essential part of that decision. Before you decide where you want to invest your money, you probably want to know where it is going! That’s why we have put together this chart to show you quickly and efficiently exactly what your investment gets you.

The Investment

Initial Franchise Fee - First Store


Franchise Fee - Additional Store


Typical Investment (Exclusive of working capital)*


Bi-Monthly Royalty


Advertising Development Fund (Not a media fund)


*This is the minimum price and could be more depending on store size & location.  Note this does not include working capital

If you are planning to obtain financing, you will need a minimum of $75,000 in cash or liquid assets in addition to the collateral to apply against the remainder of a loan. Although Apricot Lane Boutique does not provide in-house financing, we can refer you to one of our preferred lenders.

Most franchise candidates find they can fund their business by accessing capital they already have available through the equity in their home or by accessing qualifying retirement plans such as a 401k without incurring penalties or experiencing tax consequences. Financing options may also include third party (family, friends, existing business partners) or traditional bank loans.  

* See the current Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), Item 7, for complete detailed breakdown of the potential investment. 

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